Check Saudi Visa Status on KSA Visa Portal Online

The government of Saudi Arabia has recently introduced a new way and easy way to check the current status of your visa application status online. Guess what? You can do it simply with your visa application and passport number online on the Visa KSA portal.

In this article I will show you a very easy and step-by-step guide to check the status of any Saudi visa, including visit, family, tourist, etc visas, using your visa application number and passport number. So, without wasting time, let’s get started.

Check Saudi Visa on KSA Visa Portal Online

1- Visit KSA Visa Portal:

All you need is to visit the official KSA Visa Portal using a web browser on your mobile or computer from anywhere in the world, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, etc. There is no need to log in, follow the next step.

Check Saudi Visa on Visa KSA Portal with Passport number

2- Click Track Application:

When the portal loads up, you will see the “Track Application” option at the top of the website, click on that to proceed to the next step.

3- Enter Visa Application and Passport Number:

When you click the Track Application option, you will see a prompt with the two input fields, in the first one, enter your visa application number.

In the second file, you can enter your passport number, Iqama ID number, and Saudi National ID. Even you can enter the CR number (with your visa application number) for the query to validate.

Enter your Visa Application and Passport number

5- Click Track Application:

After entering your visa application and passport number, review the information and make sure these are correct. After that click on the “Track My Application” button to initiate the process.

6- Check Your Application Status:

Now you will see a pop-up window showing your name, application number, and visa information including its date, validity, type, etc. To check the complete visa document details, click the “View” button.

Your Visa Status on KSA Visa Portal

That is all, you will see all your visa document information on the next page, and you’ll find your detailed visa document. You can hit CTRL+P to print and download or print the visa for your records.


No doubt the government of Saudi Arabia doing its best to provide an easy-to-use online tool The KSA Visa portal for both Expatriates and Saudi nationals to check their visa application status. Now, it’s easier with the above simple steps, you can quickly get all visa information and even download and print it in seconds. You can save a lot of time with the KSA Visa Portal.

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