Government Officials Aren’t Allowed for Hajj 2020

There is news for Saudi officials regarding Hajj in 2020. As per the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia, any of the Saudi officials are not allowed for Hajj this year. This was officially published on their Twitter page today reported in Saudi dash Expatriates.

This is officially said by the Minister of Hajj, Dr. Muhammad Salih bin Taher Banten. He mentioned that it’s the very first decision and order issued by the great of the Two Holy Mosques Custodian King Salman bin Abdulaziz. According to the great custodian, there are no exceptions to such officials this year 2020 Hajj.

So this is made clear by the Hajj Minister that nobody from the officials will perform the Hajj (this year in 2020) pilgrimage. This is due to maintaining Hajj transparency. He stated that the Hajj pilgrimage this year is gonna be held as per the health requirements.

For all Arabic users, please have a look at the above Twitter card officially on their page. However, you can tap it to view it on Twitter to make yourself clear for confirmation purposes. Moreover, if you are an official in the Kingdom, you can perform Hajj this year. Read more: VAT 15% in KSA from 1st July.

This is especially to perform the action in terms of health and safety issues and make this achievement 100% transparent in the Kingdom. However, this is to keep everything clear as the official will take care of others during this year Hajj.

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