48% Corona Cases Recovered in Saudi Arabia

Recently the Health Ministry in Saudi Arabia has reported that they recover 48% of cases in the Kingdom. The total number of cases was 54700, however, they have cured 25000 corona patients. This is good news and from the Health Ministry in the Kingdom.

48% Corona Cases Recovered in KSA

Moreover, as per their saying, all the patients infected by the coronavirus are in good hands and conditions. Because they are getting proper treatment and cure from time to time. Thanks to the great Kingdom of Saud Arabia.

We have the news on 17th May 2020 as mention in Saudi Expatriate’s official blog. For your information in all of the 54000 and above patients, only 200 patients are in critical situations. But they are no losing hope, however, they can be cured as with proper and huge exact cure treatment in the Kingdom. However, these patients are isolated from the good ones.

On the other hand, the great Kingdom is taking proper steps toward the safety and good health of its public in KSA. There are fine and jail, if someone in the Kgiodn is arrested by the police spitting here and there and the person, is a corona patient. Read also Jawazat in KSA New Services in Absher Online Portal.

All the patients are including 9 percent of children, 22 percent of young people, and 87 percent of old age people. The number is in the old age because it’s all about the immune system in the body. The youngsters are low in numbers. Because their immune system is well strong enough to fight again the coronavirus also known as COVID-19.

Moreover, the people who waste their lives are mainly from Dammam. Also from Madina, Al Kharj, Makkah, Jeddah, and Riyadh as well as Al Naira. For your information, their ages are from 25 years up to 60 years. However, Saudi Arabia ist making over 5000 tests per month of the patients and that is its a perfect country with perfect medication. Don’t worry everything has an end so that corona too.

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