New Traffic Violation Penalties List Saudi Arabia

New traffic violation fines categorized list 2023 and penalty list by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for everyone driving in KSA. Learn all about the Saudi traffic fines list and penalties for all violations and Saher camera violations too.

1000 up to 2000 SAR

  • Hiding number plates not displaying properly on Vehicles.
  • Bike rider not wearing helmet motorcyclist.
  • Not showing Istimara or driving license or hiding it.
  • Stopping or driving vehicles on a railway track.

3000 up to 6000 SAR

  • Crossing the road on a red signal.
  • Illegal usage of number plates on vehicles.
  • Use somebody else number plate on the vehicle you own.
  • Playing around the school buses or overtaking them the wrong way.
  • Put unwanted accessories in your car, bus, etc.
  • Overspeeding over road signs like breaking the signals etc.
  • Using unwanted logos or stickers on cars, and buses violate the law.

5000 up to 10,000 SAR

  • Playing with card parts inner side hardware and using someone else car part in yours.
  • Driving while drinking and getting non-healthy materials.
  • Authorities are concerned about activities by the vehicle you are carrying.

10,000 with 3 months of jail

Not informing the responsible department while an accident you’ve done and getting away from the accident spot. If anything happens like an incident etc inform the response and provide good hospitality to those who are injured.

20,000 up to 60,000 SAR

Now in 2023, the new traffic violation and a new category are drifting, the fine for the 1st time drifting is SAR 20,000, the 2nd time fine for drifting is SAR 40,000 and the 3rd time drifting fine is SAR 60,000. The main reason for such a huge fine on drifting is a day-to-day increase in car drifting. Please avoid this to save thousands of Saudi Riyals, while the most important is your life.

We will keep updating this post as we get new traffic violation fines. However, keeping all the above in mind will save you money and life. So please avoid those violations.

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