How to Check Fahas Validity Online

It is important for every car owner to check the expiry date of vehicle inspection. This is to avoid a fine of SAR 150, as it is one of the traffic violations in the Kingdom. So, if it’s been some time since the MVPI (Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection) date. Consider checking its validity first. Here is how to do it on Absher online with a few simple steps.

Check Fahas Validity Online with Absher

Login to your Absher account and go to Dashboard. Click Vehicle, then select Vehicle Management. Click the Vehicle name. Scroll down and have a look at the Inspection Expiry date. That is your Fahas Valitidy date.

Check Fahas Validity Online with Absher

Check Fahas Validity without Absher

If you don’t have an active Absher account, still you can do so. But if you have that MVPI Report paper with you. Read that report and you will see the Valid Until option with the date mentioned at the top. Please have a look at the following example.

What is the validity duration after MVPI Test?

For your information, right after the Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection, the remaining time will be one Hijri year (355 days not 365). So, if you have passed the test on Jan 1, 2023, the expiry date will be Jan 10, 2024.

What is the Fahas Validity of a Brand New Car?

As per the traffic rules in Article 26 in Saudi Arabia, you don’t need to check the Fahas Expiry Date of a brand new car. Because it is required after 3 years. So, when you check its Inspection duration online, you will see nothing but a blank with two –.

Fahas Validity of a Brand New Car

Why Valid Fahas is Important?

Because you cannot renew your car Istimara card. Also, you cannot transfer your car ownership without a valid Fahas in the Kingdom. These are the two main reasons to must have a valid Fahas certificate for your desired car in Saudi Arabia.

What is the fine for expired Fahas in Saudi Arabia?

If the Fahas date of your car is expired and a traffic police officer catch you, there is a fine of SAR 150. That is why it is important to do MVPI test before its expiry date in Saudi Arabia.

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