Check Saudi Visa Original or Fake Online

Learn how to check a Saudi visa is an original or fake step-by-step guide. Whenever you have a visa number from Saudi Arabia you check it online if it is fake or genuine. I will show step-by-step procedures in order to do it. So stay and read…

My advice is to confirm your visa before traveling and booking your ticket. Nowadays there are fake agents and agencies who are making you fool by selling fake visas to you. It is might be labor, professional job, visit, or any type. That is why you need to confirm it first and then proceed with other formalities.

There are two methods to do it, 1st we could possibly check via Enjazit and 2dnly via MOFA. But don’t worry I am going to explain both these procedures for your ease. So let’s get into it…

Saudi Visa Check Through ENJAZIT

It is important to keep your passport and visa number, application number, or order number in front of you. Then please follow these steps in order to do it;

  1. Open your computer, laptop, or any other device with Google Chrome or another browser.
  2. Now click here to go to Enjazit Online Visa Query Portal.
  3. Select the option “Visa using the application number”.
  4. Write your application number then your passport number.
  5. Enter the image code also known as Captcha code.
  6. Click Enquiry.
Check Saudi Visa Fake or Original
Check Saudi Visa Fake or Original

The Enjazit page will reload immediately and you will your information like the below image. Please confirm everything like, your name, passport number, type of visa, Umrah visa, etc. If everything is OK then you don’t need to worry. If not then contact the agent or agency you have applied for the visa through.

Check Saudi Visa Fake or Genuine
Check Saudi Visa Fake or Genuine

Saudi Visa Check Through MOFA

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs allows everyone coming to Saudi to check their visa status online. So it’s easy for everyone to check if the visa is original or fake, or if any other information is correct or not. Somehow if the above is not working, then follow these steps:

  1. Open your PC, laptop, or any other device with Google Chrome or another browser.
  2. Visa Mofa “Online Visa Query Portal“.
  3. Click Searching for and select the option “Visa using the application number”.
  4. Put your application number.
  5. Put your passport number.
  6. Enter the image code (ensure that it’s correct) and also know the Captcha code.
  7. Click the Enquiry button.
Visa Fake or Original Inquiry via Mofa or Enjazit
Visa Fake or Original Inquiry via Mofa or Enjazit

So there are two almost similar methods to check a Saudi Visa is Fake or Genuine. Hey before to left off, do you know the types of Saudi Visas? If not then have look at the below list.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

There are many types of Saudi visas, each one has its own requirements. Anyway we are not going in-depth but exploring types of visas, and they are:

  • Work Visa
  • Commercial Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Visit Visa
  • Family Visit Visa
  • Umrah and Hajj Visa and much more.

Bonus Tip: Please note that your E number might be different than the others who have a different type of visa. As we discussed types of visas have different types of E numbers as well. So don’t think that your one is fake, however, confirm your passport number and other details including visa profession. Read More: How to Check Umrah Visa Price and Its Status.

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