Check Criminal Generalization Record on MOI

Check Criminal Generalization Record
Check Criminal Generalization Record on MOI, It’s important to check if there is any criminal record of you via your Iqama number. Because you cannot carry on your work if your iqama is under any criminal record in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In short, can I work in KSA with the criminal record? The answer is No you cannot.
Generalization report query is important but most important is you cannot leave the country until you pay for your criminal act.

MOI: Check Criminal Record Online

  1. Login to MOI.
  2. Navigate to E-services.
  3. Navigate to MOI Diwan.
  4. Click Generalization report at right.
  5. Finally, click on Proceed.
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Report Generalization Query

If you don’t have any criminal record against you in Generalization report query then the report will look like as above. The above is the quick procedure to check out any bad record again you and your iqama. If you are experiencing any issues in the above don’t forget to comment below so that we can help you out.

A person cannot do the followings if there is any criminal record against you:

  • A person cannot apply for Exit-Re-entry.
  • Leave the KSA permanently.
  • Nobody can leave for vacations.
  • You can’t apply for family visa.
  • Cannot renew iqama card/resident permit.
Now the question is what to do to resolve the case against you and your iqama number in Saudi Arabia? The first priority is to check and make 100% sure that, is there any criminal record against your Muqeem card/Resident ID or Iqama card or not? To check out Generalization report query follow the below steps. Don’t forget to register on MOI fist if not. Check out: New Fee on Expats in KSA.
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