How to Issue and Print Final Exit Visa KSA

A time must come when you decide to leave the KSA permanently. Because none of the Expatriates is there forever. However, most of you leave the Kingdom and come back via a new visa with a better salary and other benefits. But to leave the Kingdom you should have a final exit visa. To get it you must contact and talk to your sponsor or Kafeel. They can further notice Jawazat and issue and then print the final exit visa for you.

Why can only Kafeel and Jawazat get you such a paper? Because Jawazat is the only authority and your sponsor is the only person responsible for providing the final exit paper.

How they can provide this document? Look once you apply for the final exit then your Kafeel will grant permission via MOI Absher or will visit the Jawazat office. Thus Jawazat will get the final exit visa paper once everything is confirmed.

In this, I will show you the complete procedure to get and print the final exit visa. Also includes rules and regulations, fees, FAQs, validity information, and related info. After reading this post, I am sure that you won’t have any confusion at the end. So let’s get started…

Final Exit Visa Rules, Law, and Regulations

According to JAwazat in Saudi Arabia, you must comply with the final exit visa rules and regulations. Jawazat can then issue the visa with a print for you. Other than that, there are no such options you can get it. Moreover, keep better behavior with your sponsor in Saudi Arabia. That is key to getting each of the benefits in the end.

Now you must be thinking what are these rules, laws, and regulations I should comply with? Don’t worry you are here at the right place to know all these things. So let’s explore these rules, laws, and regulations below.

Ensure to not have traffic fines

If you are a driver or have your car in KSA. Then you know that there are no traffic fines against your iqama ID number. Because once there is no final exit visa on pending traffic violation fines. In the end, paying these penalties or a fine. This is the only solution to getting a visa.

For your information, each electronic system is connected to Jawazat. These electronic machines can immediately notify Jawazat about traffic fines once they enter your Iqama number. So there is no such way that you can hide from Jawazat. It’s better to pay the fines first.

You have enough iqama and passport validity

Most people avoid it but having enough validity time on your passport and iqama is mandatory. There must be a month’s validity on both iqama and passport before you apply for the final exit visa. Because only then can Jawazat get you the visa.

If you have an expired passport or iqama. Then you cannot apply for the final exit. There are rules and you should follow them once you are about to leave the Kingdom. Check the validity of your passport, it is easy to read the expiry date on the passport.

However, Iqama is in Arabic, you can follow this procedure to check the Iqama expiry date via new Absher. Once you know that there is enough validity on your passport and iqama ID. Then you can apply for the final visit without any complications.

Fill out a final exit visa application form

There is a final exit visa application form you need to fill out. While doing so, make sure that you have entered that information the same as on your passport details. Once you finish filling out the visa form then give it to your sponsor or Kafee or the HR team.

Don’t make mistakes while filing the form, it can delay or cancel the process. They will sign it and may proceed with further action required. Ensure to provide of Iqama ID and passport if they ask for it. Make sure that the Iqama copy is valid and clear to read.

Rules to Visit the nearest Jawazat office

The Jawazat office is available in all the major cities of the Kingdom. However, there are rules to visiting the Jawazat with acquired documents. Such as your iqama ID visa form, passport copy, Iqama copy, and legal representative or responsible as of Kafeel or HR manager. Here are all Jawazat locations in Saudi Arabia.

However, if you are working in a company where you don’t need to visit the Jawazat office. because your company can handle this task and will just provide a final exit print at the end.

Absher Registration and Fingerprint Enrollment

As far as I know, there are such rules that you need to register on Absher. But yes fingerprint enrollment is a must. That is also not necessary but you need to take it if the Jawazat asks for it, then it may delay the final exit visa process.

Moreover, precautionary ensure that you register yourself on MOI Abher online. After that activate your account and enroll your fingerprint at any KIOSK machine.

Require Documents for Final Exit Visa

Certain documents are required before applying for the final exit visa in Saudi Arabia. Because if you are missing any of these documents then you may get the visa. However, bringing the documents to Jawazat that are not required can only waste your time. Then you will need to visit back to your home or apartment and bring the requirements.

That is why here, I am gonna show you which of the documents are required. So that with all these documents set and ready you can easily apply for a final exit visa. Here are the required documents:

  1. The final visa application form, and should be filled out and attested by your sponsor. If you are in a company then you don’t need to worry about anything, they will you themselves. I mean the HR office is responsible for personnel.
  2. Valid and original passport and Iqama.
  3. MOL is also known as the No Objection Letter by the sponsor.
  4. A divorce paper in married in KSA.

Once you have the set of all the mentioned documents. Now you are ready to visit the Jawazat office. However, as I mentioned earlier this is only for those who are self-employed or working under Kafeel. If you are a person who is working in a company or Mosasa. Then you don’t need to do anything. Just ask the HR team and they will prepare everything including the final exit visa print.

Moreover, a person can personally get through the following process to get the final exit visa for himself.

Procedure to Apply for Final Exit Visa in KSA

Once you know everything mentioned above, such as rules, laws, and regulations as well as required docs. Then it’s time to apply for such a visa via Jawazat. Please follow the below simple steps:

Prepare the required documents

It is a good habit and practice that all the documents you bring to Jawazat must be organized. You may need to gather these documents in a file. I will mention these docs again, passport and Iqama, and visa form. Once these docs are well organized, follow the next step.

Visit the nearest Jawazat office

Now you need to talk to your sponsor or Kafeel to schedule a date to visit the nearest Jawazat office. It doesn’t matter if you sponsor his personal and legal representative is along with you. Jawazat will accept the request and continue the process.

Submit the documents

Now it’s time to hand over your well-prepared docs to your Kafeel or his representative. Then the Kafeel or representative will hand over these documents to the authorized person in the Jawazat office. Thus they will start the process of your final exit visa.

Wait to get notified

Once the Jawazt is completed verify your document and finish the process. They will send you a notification, if you did not register on Absher then your sponsor will get the notification. Thus soon he will tell and notify you that Jawazat has issued your final exit visa. Now get yourself ready to go to your home country.

Check Your Final Exit Visa Status Online

If you wanna check the status of your final exit visa online. You can do it easily without any complications. There is more than 1 method you can follow to do so. Once our MOL and the other method you can go through via Eserver. However, I am gonna show you both of these methods for your ease.

Check to find exit visa status via Eserve

To know the status of your final exit visa online on Eserve, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Eserve online portal.
  2. Enter your Iqama number in the first field then your passport number.
  3. Click on the Check button and you are good to go.

That is it, that is how easily you can track the current status of your final exit visa online on Eserve porta. The second method here is to check visa status with a passport number if you are interested in reading. Moreover, you can cancel the final exit visa at any time you want.

How to Print Final Exit Visa Saudi Arabia

Once you get a notification from the Jawazat office that your final exit visa is ready. You can simply request your sponsor or Kafeel or HR responsible in the company to bring the print of your final exit visa. However, there is no way to print the Khuruj-e-Nihai paper online.

For your information, only your sponsor or HR responsible person in the company can get you that final exit print. Other than that you are just wasting your time searching for such a procedure online.

How to Download Final Exit Paper in KSA

I guarantee that is impossible to print or download the final exit paper in Saudi Arabia. Only your sponsor, Kafeel, or HR representative can request Saudi Jawazat to take out the print and issue a hard copy of your final exit paper. That is the only solution right now.

All you have to do is humbly request your sponsor or HR office for the final exit paper. In the end, you will get it but before you can only request to get it.

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