No Final Exit Visa on Pending Traffic Fines KSA

Recently colonel Engineer Aoi Al Zahrani announced some bad news for expatriates. No one can leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia if they have pending traffic fines said the colonel. It has been recently implemented on the 1st of November.

According to this new implementation in the law, you may get jailed, and ports, if the police, catch you in the airport with pending traffic fines. No one can leave KSA without paying the fines.

When you violate traffic rules, there are fines you need to pay. The information is stored in the database of the Saudi Jawazat. The information is online and all authorities can see this including the police and the authorized person at the airport.

So don’t think you will get away with having pending fines. The better it is to pay the fees or fines before applying for the final exit visa. That way you will be safe to leave the country. However, from November 1st, 2019, it is impossible.

If you are working in a company, then you need to ask your company’s HR team if you have fines and wanna pay for them. Then pay the money to them and ask them the pay these fines online. That way you won’t need to get here and there in order to pay the fine. In other words, visit your Kafeel and ask him humbly to pay the fees.

You may have good luck and leave the KSA but don’t try to convince others to leave the Kingdom without paying the fines. Moreover, they can lose their airline ticket, and money and may get jailed.

If someone asks you about this then tell him to pay the traffic fine and then apply for the final exit Saudi visa. However, to stay safe and as a visitor to this blog, I will suggest you leave the Kingdom legally.

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