How to Check Umrah Visa Insurance Validity Online

The Government of Saudi Arabia has made it mandatory for every person to have valid insurance when coming for Umrah. This is for Pakistan, India, and all the other countries. However, they made it simple and have provided an online portal to officially check Umrah visa insurance validity online with your passport number. The procedure is very simple, here is how to do it;

Check Umrah Visa Insurance Validity

To check the expiry date of your Umrah visa insurance, please follow these simple steps: Visit the official RIAYA KSA website. Enter your passport number, and select your Nationality as Pakistan, India, etc. Click the Search button. Wait for the page to refresh, you will see the Status, Inception date, and Expiry date over there.

Check Umrah Visa Insurance Validity Online

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What’s Covered in Umrah Visa Insurance?

As per the government of Saudi Arabia, any Umrah visa without visa insurance won’t be stamped until it has a valid certificate. Moreover, it is necessary as anything could happen during your Umrah pilgrimage. So the following are covered in your Umrah visa insurance to keep in mind;

  • Treatment and staying in the hospital.
  • Emergency treatment such as pregnancy, etc.
  • Injuries while performing Umrah.
  • Dental and kidney emergency issues.
  • Flight delay and cancellation compensation.
  • All accident-related issues and more.

As you see all the above benefits of having valid insurance while going to Umrah. is why checking it is necessary for everyone. Also, make sure to keep all the remaining days in mind while staying in the Kingdom. You cannot extend an Umrah visa once you get there to perform it.

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Keep in mind to take a screenshot for your reference when you check the validity of your Umrah Visa Insurance. If you have any issues while checking, please do not forget to comment below or visit the agency who have processed your visa.

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