How to Transfer STC Sim Ownership with App

If you want to sell your STC number to another or for any reason you want to transfer your SIM ownership, you can do it with ease. There is no need to go to STC’s store or franchise. You can do this with mySTC application on your smartphone. Simply submit the transfer request via the app and the recipient will accept your request. Let me show you the complete step-by-step process.

How to Transfer STC Sim Ownership

There are a few simple steps to do. Before you proceed, make sure that you and the Transferee Iqama are valid. Okay, here is how to transfer your STC sim ownership via the app:


Open the mySTC app. Go to Menu and tap the Number Management option. Select a Number you want to transfer. Scroll down and tap Transfer Ownership under the Other section. You will get a confirm code, enter it to verify it.

Step 1 to Transfer STC Sim Ownership KSA

Enter the Transferee Iqama ID number, and tap Continue. Enter the Transferee contact number. On the Confirm popup tap Continue. You will “Your request has been submitted successfully”. It will take 24 hours to complete.

Step 2 to Transfer STC Sim Ownership KSA

Note that sometimes the STC will ask you to confirm your Identity using the NAfath application. So, make sure that you have the Nafath app and have an active account on it.


STC will contact you shortly to accept the ownership request (from that owner). Once the confirmation is done, you can visit any nearest STC Store and collect your sim card over there. Simply tell the customer care representative about the sim ownership transfer, and they will confirm everything from you and issue your new STC sim card to you in your name.

For your information, CSR (customer care representative) will ask if you want to activate any package. Get the desired package as per your choice. Payment the amount and you are good to go. That is exactly why people can transfer STC sim card ownership in Saudi Arabia.

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