STC Unlimited Internet Daily, Weekly, Monthly

When you need internet data without limitations, STC is there to help. They offer several packages with unlimited internet data for 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, and monthly validity. However, the choice is yours to get one and enjoy the best 4G/5G internet speed.

Today, I am going to show you all the STC unlimited internet data plans with price and activation codes, and validity information. So that you can grab them quickly. So, let’s get started…

STC Unlimited Internet Packages

As of now 2023, there are six (6) different packages you can select from. These plans are pretty affordable and easy to activate. Here are the complete details including price, validity, and subscription codes:

1 day unlimited STC internet

Get unlimited internet data valid for 1 day. The price is SAR 23.00. You can use mySTC app to subscribe to the package or visit the nearest STC branch.

There is another package for Sawa users. You can get unlimited data for SAR 20.00 for 1 day. To subscribe, send an SMS with 2120 to 900. You will get a reply from STC, that you successfully subscribed to the daily non-stop data package.

2 days unlimited STC internet

If you need more than 24 hours to use internet data without any limitations. Then choose the 2 days package with non-stop internet.

Get unlimited STC internet data valid for 2 days (48 hours) only. The price is SAR 40.25. However, you can use the official mySTC app to subscribe to the package.

Remember it’s a one-time package and it won’t renew automatically. If you need it and want to reactivate the package, do it using the mySTC app.

1 week unlimited STC internet

This is one of the best STC packages of all time. You can have enough validity to use your unlimited internet data for an affordable price.

For an affordable price of SAR 109.25 only, enjoy unlimited internet data valid for 1 week. To activate the package SMS 2730 to 900 or call 900.

You can also use the mySTC application for easy activation. it’s a one-time package, and will not renew automatically. So, there is no need to deactivate it.

STC 2 weeks unlimited internet

More validity, internet data without limitations, and the best price. If you need a data package for 14 days (2 weeks), then go with their 2 weeks package.

Enjoy unlimited data for 2 weeks for just SAR 174.8. You can call 900 or use the official mySTC application to activate the package. It’s not gonna renew automatically.

STC monthly unlimited internet

There are two different unlimited data plans for Sawa and STC Quicknet users. However, both of these plans are a little bit expensive. Anyways, if you need one here are the details:

Get unlimited internet data valid for 1 month on your Quicknet prepaid sim card. The price is SAR 325.00. To subscribe send an SMS with 2726 to 900. Upon successful subscription, you will get an instant reply from STC.

For STC Sawa users: You can get non-stop internet data valid for 1 month for only SAR 350.00. To subscribe send an SMS with 2161 to 900.

STC 3 months unlimited internet

This package is expensive but you will have 3 months to use the internet without any limits. Yes, STC offers an unlimited internet package for 3 months for SAR 975.00. You can activate the package by sending an SMS with 2739 to 900.

Once the activation is successful, you will get an instant reply from STC with the details. However, you can check your remaining balance and data to stay updated.

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