How to Send Money from STC Pay To GCASH

STC Pay in Saudi Arabia is a new and easy way to transfer money back to your home country. Online remittance was never been that easy. But STC Pay made it possible. Day by day, they are adding new features and wallets in the app for international transfers. I am talking about the GCASH.

Yes guys, now you can send money from Saudi Arabia directly to the Philippines using STC Pay to GCASH online remittance. Use the STC Pay to do so. However, you can follow the below simples for STC Pay to GCASH transfer. You can also send STC mobile balance to Philippines.

STC Pay to GCASH Money Transfer

Before you proceed to the step, make sure to update the STC Pay application. After that, you can follow these easy steps:

Add New Recipient

Open the STC Pay app, and tap International Transfers on the Home screen. Tap Add New Recipient > Enter recipient Full Name > Country > and tap the Delivery option.

1 - STC Pay to GCash Money Transfer Guide


Select GCASH Wallet

Select the Transfer to a Mobile Wallet option and tap Continue. Tap on the Mobile Wallet Name and Select GCASH.

2 - STC Pay to GCash Money Transfer Guide

Enter the Receiver’s Phone Number

Enter the Receiver’s Mobile Number and the Purpose of Transaction. You can select Family Support, etc, and tap Continue.

On the next screen, confirm that you know the Recipient Country (select Philippines). For Age, tap No and tap the Continue button.

3 - STC Pay to GCash Money Transfer Guide

Send Money from STC Pay To GCASH

Open the STC PAY app. In the Home screen, tap International Transfers and select the recipient with a GCASH wallet. Enter the transfer amount e.g SAR 200. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and tap Continue. Confirm the Transfer Summary and tap Continue. Now, you will get a 4-digit OTP, Confirm the Transaction, and that is it.

Send Money from STC Pay To GCASH
Send Money from STC Pay To GCASH

You will see the Transaction Success message on the STC Pay app. Also, you will immediately get an SMS confirmation from STC Pay.

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