Get STC SMS Alerts When Your Phone Isn’t Reachable

There are the best STC services you can activate and use for free. For example, call forwarding and call divert features. For your information, there is the best service you may wanna activate. So when your phone is switched off or not reachable. You get alerts.

In short, if you are in an area or for some reason your phone is turned off. You will get SMS alerts when you turn on your phone or your STC number is active. Yes guys you heard me. The free service is called the STC Mawjood package.

Today, I will show you the service activation method or code and deactivation code. So you can get the easy way and unsubscribe anytime if you want to. If you wanna save time, then get the service via the MySTC app.

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STC Jawal Mawjood Service KSA

Now you don’t need to worry about any important calls you have missed. Because, when your phone is out of coverage and for some reason you cannot calls. Instead, you will get an SMS alert per call for free when your number is active. There is an easy activation code to get the service. However, there are no charges (not mentioned anywhere on the STC official website).

Activate STC Mawjood Service

To activate the free STC Jawal Mawjood service in KSA. Open the phone app and dial this code *62*400# and tap the call button. Once the package is activated, you may get a successful SMS from STC for free. Now you will get regular SMS alerts when your STC phone number is not reachable. However, you can choose to deactivate it anytime you want.

Deactivate STC Mawjood Service

It is easy to deactivate the Jawal Mawjood service on the STC network in KSA. Here is how to do it: Open the phone app on your device and dial this simple code *62# and tap the call button. Now you will get an SMS from STC for the successful deactivation of the Jawal Mawjood package.

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