How to Transfer Balance from STC Postpaid to Prepaid

Expatriates and Saudi people love the STC network. It’s due to their amazing services and unique features. While you can send your balance to local STC numbers and internationally. There is a possible and easy method to share your mobile balance from postpaid to prepaid sim card number. Yes, you have heard. It’s possible and you can do this in a few steps. I will show the easy procedure to share your postpaid STC balance number with a prepaid STC number step by step. So stay here and keep on reading…

Transfer Balance from STC Postpaid to Prepaid

Here is the easiest method to share balance from STC postpaid to prepaid number in Saudi Arabia. All you need is to go to the Message app, compose a new message, and type *144*recipient prepaid STC number*Amount# and send it to 900. An example is SMS *144*0500444555*10# to 900. You can also do this via the official MySTC app.

Terms and Conditions

It’s a free service and there are no service charges at all. There are some basic features of the service you may wanna aware of. Keep in mind that you can transfer or share a minimum balance of SAR 15 and a maximum balance of SAR 200 only. While the top categories you can use are SAR 15, 20, 30, 50, 100, and SAR 200.

The maximum daily limit is SAR 200.00 while the maximum monthly limit is SAR 500.00. Moreover, a 15% VAT tax will be added to the sender’s postpaid total bill amount. In others, you will be charged at the end of the month with a VAT of 15% applied to your total bill, not per recharge. I hope you are getting the point.

If you still have any questions about sending or sharing your STC mobile balance from a postpaid to a prepaid number. Then leave a comment below, you can dial 900 and get instant from STC customer care support. Believe me, they are good at helping.

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  1. Marcos says

    I accidentally load my postpaid company SIM how to transfer to my prepaid simcard personal

    1. Admin says

      Call 900 and talk to customer care representative. They will reverse your transaction.

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