STC Unlimited YouTube with 10GB Package Monthly

STC users can now enjoy watching movies and their favorite videos on YouTube without worrying about their internet data. Because STC now offers unlimited youtube with free 10GB of internet data monthly. The pack is available to all prepaid and postpaid users. Today, I am going to show you the unlimited YT pack price, validity, and activation procedure. So, let explore it…

Unlimited YouTube with 10GB Prepaid Pack

For a very low price as SAR 140 (SAR 161 with VAT), you can subscribe to STC’s new unlimited youtube package with free 10GB of internet data for one month. To subscribe send 2738 to 900, you can also use the MySTC app, STC official website, or visit the nearest and call 900 for easy activation. Even, you can get the pack by getting an STC voucher. However, you can use the Youtube app and youtube in a web browser without any fair usage.

Postpaid Unlimited YouTube + 10GB

The youtube unlimited plan with 10GB of free data is also available to postpaid STC users. The price for the package is SAR 161, validity is 3 months. To activate the plan, use the official MySTC application. There is no fair data policy. So you can enjoy unlimited streaming with a youtube app or youtube in a web browser with high-speed internet.

Terms and Conditions

There are a few things you may wanna know. For your info, for both prepaid and postpaid STC quicknet users, the package won’t renew automatically. So if you need it for more time, you will need to renew it manually. Moreover, there is no fair usage policy which is great.

However, there are no additional charges and subscription to streaming addons. In short, the package is independent and there are no limitations. You can use the official use YouTube app or Youtube in a web browser to watch your favorite video with unlimited streamingh. That is it, enjoy.

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