Jawazat Started Extending Iqama for 3 Months

Another good news for Expatriates working in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi King Salam ordered to extend the iqama for Expatriates for three months automatically. Guess what? There are no fees on the iqama renewal.

The best thing is, it does not matter if you are here in Saudi Arabia or outside. But your iqama will renew automatically for more three months if it is gonna expire.

King Salman Order to Extend Iqama for 3 Months

The custodian of the two holy mosques, Makkah and Madina King Salman order some latest updates. This is all about the iqama renewal process and its fees. If you are the one with such iqama after 18th March. Jawazat will take care of its renewal and there are no fees on its renewal as ordered by King Salman.

This is for Expatriates working in the private sector, commercial and industrial areas. There is nothing mentioned about the occupation. But a straight forward order for extending the ID. The only thing it’s only for those iqama holders who Iqama is gonna expire between 18th March to 30th June.

We had this news in the past month and thanks to the government for implementing this now. As Jawazat has started renewing these Iqamas automatically mentioned in Saudi-Expatriates. The news was first announced in March by HRSD (Human Resources and Social Development).

It’s all because of the recent lockdown and curfew status in the Kingdom. As these companies and workers are cooperating in stopping the COVID-19. Everything is off I mean Malls, Shops, Hotels, etc. That is why the government is helping them while not getting any fees for the renewal of the IQama ID card.

You don’t need to visit the Jawazat passport office near to you. Everything is automated and simply you will get your iqama date extended for three months.

Here is how you can check your Iqama expiry date on Absher’s news portal online. Shorty once your Iqama is expired and renew automatically you should get a text message from MOI Absher Jawazat on your registered mobile phone number.

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