How to Correct Name on Iqama in KSA

Are you a new expatriate in Saudi Arabia, the very important thing is Iqama (resident permit ID card). When you get your new iqama cared, then ensure that your name spelling is 100% matching with the name on the passport. If it is not correct then you need to fix and correct the name on the iqama or Muqeem card.

Ensure that your name matches both English and Arabic, otherwise, you will face the following problem while roaming in the Kingdom here are there. Some of them are:

Why do you need to correct the Name on Iqama?

  • Problems in registering for a bank account.
  • Problems sending the money from Saudi Arabia to the home country.
  • Saudi Iqama problems correction is necessary, if the name is not correct then tons of troubles.
  • You cannot register a number on your iqama on Zain, Mobily, or STC.
  • You cannot apply for a family visa, or get an exit re-entry.
  • Police won’t let you get the clearance certificate.
  • And the most dangerous thing is you cannot leave KSA until you fix the spelling mistake name on iqama.

How to Correct Name on Iqama

It is possible that there is a spelling mistake in your name on the Iqama. It is might be your name in English, or Arabic on the Iqama ID card. However, there is nothing to worry about. But don’t ignore this issue, the iqama card is not acceptable if there are spelling mistakes on it. You can correct it with ease.

Changing your English Name on Iqama

It is a short process. To correct and update your English name on Iqama, you need to contact your sponsor or HR department in a company. They can do it online or by visiting the nearest Jawazat office. Then, the maximum it can take is from 1 up to 3 days. You will get a new Iqama with a correct English name.

Changing your Arabic Name on Iqama

It’s a bit lengthy process. In order to correct and update your Arabic name on Iqama. Go to your HR office or contact your Kafeel. They will ask you to give the following document to do so:

  • Your original IQama ID card.
  • A copy of the passport.
  • A Jawazat form you need to fill out and sign.
Jawazat form to correct name on Iqama in KSA
Jawazat form to correct Arabic name on Iqama in KSA

Once your sponsor or the responsible person in the HR team has all the above documents. He will visit the Jawazat office and submit these docs to correct your Arabic name on the Iqama. Once the office at Jawazat verifies everything, he will correct and update your Arabic name on the Iqama. You will get a new updated Iqama in a couple of days.

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  1. Haroon says

    My name is incorrect in English, I visited passport office with the HR and they refused to correct the name since my old passport with visa stamp was lost. I told HR to do it online but he said that it can not be done online.

    Dont know how to fix this, any recommendation?

    1. Admin says

      In your case, visiting your Embassy is the only solution. First, of all they have the record back to your old passport, they can update your name everywhere. Thus Visit their office, and I am sure they will help you correct your Iqama name. After they are the only responsible.

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