How to Correct Name on Iqama in KSA

Are you a new expatriate in Saudi Arabia, the very important thing is Iqama (resident permit id card). When you get your new iqama cared, then ensure that your name spelling is 100% matching with the name on the passport. If it is not correct then you need to fix and correct name on iqama or muqeem card.

Ensure that your name is matching both in English and Arabic, otherwise, you will face the following problem while roaming in the Kingdom here are there. Some of them are:

Spelling Mistake could cause:

  • Problems in registering for a bank account.
  • Problems sending the money from Saudi Arabia to the home country.
  • Saudi Iqama problems correction is necessary if the name is not correct then you caught by the police as well.
  • You cannot register a number on you iqama on Zain, Mobily or STC.
  • You cannot apply for a family visa.
  • You cannot apply for exit re-entry.
  • You cant get police (shurta) clearance certificate.
  • And the most dangerous thing is you cannot leave KSA until your fix spelling mistake name on iqama.

How to Correct Name on Iqama (Muqeem Card)

Yes, it is possible and there are ways to change and correct your name on your iqama id card. You could find it little hard to fix but you can do it don’t worry. But don’t ignore this issue, the iqama card is not acceptable if there spelling mistakes on it Arabic or English.

If the Name is Mis-spelled in English then:

Contact the HR department in your company or any government officer, and request spelling mistake correction on Iqama or Muqeem card. After the request, the HR officer or government officer can change name correction online in a couple of minutes. You will receive a new Muqeem or Iqama card the other day.

If the Name is Mis-spelled in Arabic then:

This is a little difficult, for Arabic name change request you need to visit Jawazat office. After everything is done you will receive a new Muqeem card or iqama in next two days.

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