Check Health Insurance Status of Iqama Online

There are two methods to check your Iqama health insurance in KSA. The 1st and easy method are to visit CCHI official portal. And the 2nd method is to visit Absher. In Saudi Arabia MOI Absher [Ministry of Interior] allows all residents in the Kingdom to check whether their health insurance service online if it is valid or not. Anything could happen to your health, so must check after some time whether your health insurance status is valid or not.

Following the below steps would help to check the expiry date of insurance on the Jawazat MOI Ministry of Interior official website. Before getting started must check that your iqama expiry date is not expired the check the renewal status.

How to check Iqama health insurance

The best and easy way to check Iqama health insurance online is to visit the official Saudi CCHI. Then enter your Iqama number. Now enter the image code and click OK. The page will refresh and show whether your Iqama health insurance is valid or not.

how to check health insurance via Iqama number
how to check health insurance via Iqama number

Check health insurance status online on Absher

If your Iqama card/Resident card is valid and it is not expired then simply go through the below to check the insurance status.

Click here to go to the MOI website and Choose the English version. Enter Your Iqama ID/Muqeem or Resident ID number. 3. Now Just enter the image captcha code [must be accurate]. 4. Finally hit the view button.

Enter ID and Captcha code then View
Enter ID and Captcha code then View
If insurance is valid
If insurance is valid

However, if the health insurance has enough validity you will see the above message in green. If you want to log in to MOI and do more queries like check iqama red green etc then click here. If you still don’t have an Absher MOI account click here to create one.

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