How to Track Your Etisalat Complaint (Step-by-Step)

On the Etisalat network in the UAE, you can easily register a complaint against their services. There are two methods to lodge your complaint. However, once you do that, then the question is, how to track its status? I mean you may wanna know if it is being resolved, what is the current status of it, etc. I know that is the reason you are here and don’t worry, I will show the step-by-step method to track the status of your complaint.

How to Track Your Etisalat Complaint

For your information, there are different methods to do so. However, I am going to show you all these methods, so that you can follow the method that is easy for you to follow. Now let’s get started…

Using their customer care number

For your information, they don’t provide any toll-free number. So, nobody can contact them directly via a toll-free number. However, you can call their customer care number (00 971 800 2300). Alternatively, you call 101. This will cost you a few dirhams. Once you are connected with them, humbly ask them to tell you the status of your registered complaint. They will ask you to provide them with your registered complaint number. Provide them the number, so that they can tell you the current status of your complaint.

Through Etisalat live chat

If you don’t have balance in your Etisalat line. You can visit their customer care live chat support page. Simply click that chat icon and start a live chat with their support team. Then let them know about your registered complaint. They will request you send them your complaint number. Once you provide your complaint number, they will tell you the status.

Tracking Etisalat Complaint via Live Chat
Tracking Etisalat Complaint via Live Chat

Track Etisalat Complaint with ID online

Once you register a complaint, you get a complaint ID number. That is the reference for tracking its status. You can then use the official Etisalat complaint Tracking portal to find its current status. Here is how to track it:

Go to the official Track Etisalat Complaint Portal. Then enter your complaint ID number in the box next to the “TRACK A COMPLAINT” option. Then click the “Track your complaint” button. You will immediately see the current status of your complaint once the page reloads.

Track Etisalat Complaint Online
Track Etisalat Complaint Online

The above is the recommended method, it’s free and easy to follow for everyone. So, the above are the easy methods to find the status of your desired queries. If you need further information or any help, let me know in the comment section below.

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