Etisalat Kids Bundles 49 and 99 Monthly

Etisalat has introduced new packages for customers, especially Kids. Yes, there are two new plans with enough internet data for local minutes. The Kids 49, and 99. Both these offers are unique and designed for kids only. Let me show you the activation details, prices, validity, and other information.

Etisalat Kids Bundles

If your kids insist on using the internet, then go with Etisalat Kids bundles, these packages are safe and are only for them. They will have enough internet data to enjoy their favorite cartoon or play. Also, free minutes are included. So, that they can call anytime from anywhere in the UAE. Here are the details:

Etisalat Kids 49 Package

You will get 1GB of internet data and 100 local minutes. All these are for AED 46.66 only.. the validity is 1 month. For your information, the internet speed is full @192 Kbps. To activate the package, you can use the My Etisalat UAE app or their official website.

Etisalat Kids 99 Package

Another monthly package with more resources. You will get 3GB of local internet data with full speed enabled. 200 free minutes for local use only. The data speed is @192 Kbps. However, the validity of the package is 1 month only. To subscribe to the Kids 99 package, use the official My Etisalat UAE app or their official website.

Terms and Conditions

Both 49 and 99 plans are only for Kids as prepaid Etisalat customers. The local data and minutes are only for local use within the UAE. The prices mentioned are VAT excluded. Both plans will renew automatically. So, if you don’t need them anymore, then cancel them by getting instant help from Etisalat or using their application.

Postpaid users are not eligible to get any of the above packages. As a postpaid Etisalat customer, you can take a look at their best postpaid plans ever with data and minutes, and more.

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