Etisalat Home Internet Packages [WiFi]

Etisalat gives the best and most affordable Wifi Internet packages for your home. You will enjoy unlimited data for the cheap price of AED 199 only. Even there are other features of the package also. Starting from AED 199 per month 4G plan, you can even get a better 5G for 299. Anyway, you can select the best one that suits your needs.

In this article, I am going to show you the best of the Etisalat two home wireless packages. The Home Wireless Premium and the Home Wireless Advance. I will also show you how to activate the Etisalat router and set it up in minutes. So, let’s get started…

Etisalat Home Wireless Packages

As of now, there are only two packages for Etisalat users with a Home Wireless solution. In both packages, you can enjoy unlimited internet data starting from AED 199.00 only. The only difference is the speed, one gives you 4G while the other is 5G speed. You can choose and order the one you like. Let me show you the details:

Home Wireless Advance for AED 199

You will get unlimited internet data for AED 199/month with 12 12-month commitment. A free 4G router, free sim card, StarzPlay, and GoChat Premium are included in the package. However, once you order the package, the delivery is free and will only take 24 hours.

Important Note: AED 199.00 is a promotional price. You will pay 199 AED each for 12 months for the 1st year. After that, the regular price is AED 299.

Home Wireless Premium for AED 299

The Home Wireless Premium of the best Etisalat internet WiFi package ever. You will get unlimited internet data, a free 5G sim card, a 5G router, StarzPlay, and free GoChat Premium. The price of the package is AED 299.00, and the contract period is 24 months.

You can easily order the package from Etisalat’s official website, the delivery is free and may take up to 24 hours only.

Note: The current price of AED 299 is promotional for 24 months only. After that, you will pay AED 399 each month.

Setup Etisalat Home Wireless 4G/5G Router

When you order a Home Wireless 4G or 5G package and it’s delivered. Now it’s time to set up your 4G/5G router and enjoy the Internet. If you do not know how to set up an Etisalat Wireless Router, follow this guide:

  1. Open up the package and remove the Etisalat SIM card from the envelope (standard SIM for Advance, and nano-SIM for Premium)
  2. Find the SIM slot at the back of the Router, and Insert the SIM card.
  3. Connect your 4G/5G router to a power source,
  4. Wait until the router is turned on.
  5. Note the password at the back of the router and connect your devices.

So that is how easily you can set up your Etisalat router in the UEA. Even you can change your WiFi password at any time. For the optimal performance of the router and amazing speed, keep the router near a window. Also, keep it far from other electronic products in your home.

Can I change my Home Wireless Location?

It may happen that you change your home location in the UEA. However, if so, there is no need to worry about it. Because Etisalat gives you the freedom to change your home wireless location at any time, all you need is to call 101 to unlock and update your current home location. For your information, this service is free of charge.

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What is the Cancellation Fee for Home Wireless?

Just in case you change your mind and want to cancel the home wireless service. Etisalat will charge you AED 199 for the 4G package (199*12 months=2338), and AED 299 for the 5G package (299*24 months=7176). However, the router fee will be charged as per the retail price of the device.

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