How to Use Etisalat Call Me Plus (It’s Free)

Etisalat in the UAE let you talk to your friends and family members when you don’t have balance to call them. Even if you don’t have any active minutes or call bundles. You can get a credit, send a free call me back SMS or just call use their best Call Me Plus service. This way you can stay connected when you are out of mobile balance.

How to Use Etisalat Call Me Plus

You can speak to your loved ones in the UAE when you are out of credit. Simply use the Etisalat Call Me Plus service. However, before you do so, it is mandatory to subscribe to the service using the service activation code. Here is how to subscribe to the call me plus service.

How to Activate

The activation is very simple. All you need is to compose a new text message and type “C MCO” and send it to 1012 from your Etisalat number. Once done, you will get a reply from Etisalat that you have successfully subscribed to their Call me Plus service.

Now you can call anyone in the UAE without credit. Simply dial their phone number as usual. They will get a missed call notification, then they may call you back.

How to Deactivate

It’s a free service and won’t cost you anything. However, for any reason, if you don’t like the call me plus service. You can deactivate it in a few seconds. Compose a new text message and type “MCO” and send it to 1012. You will soon get an SMS from Etisalat that you have unsubscribed from their Call Me Plus service.

Terms and Conditions

Please keep in mind that only prepaid customers are allowed to activate and deactivate the Call Me Plus service. Postpaid users are not eligible for the service.

There is no cost when you activate or deactivate the service. Even when you call someone without balance. Its free service from Etisalat lets you stay connected in emergency cases.

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