Etisalat Customer Care Number, Email and Live Chat

There are four different customer care numbers provided by Etisalat. The fact is you don’t have these numbers yet. But you are here in the right place. I will show all Etisalat customer care numbers in UAE including their email address and live chat support. So that you can call them directly free of cost or chat with them via their live chat tool.

Etisalat Customer Care Number

As I mentioned there are four different numbers for customer care and business contacts. These are: Etisalat UAE’s private customer care number is 101. Outside the UAE private customer care number is +9718002300. Business Etisalat customers outside UAE number +9718005800. Etisalat Business customers in UAE numbers are 8005800.

You can dial and talk to them for free. But if you are outside of UAE then calling Etisalat will cost you some balance. Other than that they did not mention anywhere the specific charges for outsiders (not living in UAE). Moreover, the best thing is to visit their official website, live chat with them, and ask them your desired questions and queries.

Etisalat Customer Care Email

Etisalat’s email address for customer care and the complaint is Their usual response time is 24 hours but it can longer as their more email request than usual. However, the maximum time it can take is 48 hours for them to reply to your email. Thus be careful and ask everything in the email, thus you will not need to wait for another 48 hours and their reply.

Etisalat Customer Care Number and Email
Etisalat Customer Care Number and Email

Etisalat Customer Care Live Chat

If you are in a hurry want your question or something. Then try visiting Etisalat’s official website. Actually, visit their customer support page, and you will see the Support button at the bottom of the page. Simply click that supports button and fill in your Name, Email, and Mobile Number, Check the reCAPTCHA and click that START CHAT button. They will reply in no time, but sometimes you will need to a little longer up to 5 minutes.

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  1. Katrina says

    How can I make for subscription upgrade through online?

  2. Abdullah Muhammad says

    My number 0502664676 I recharge 5 Durham why cut 2 Durham

  3. Abdullah Muhammad says

    I’m don’t like cut my balance

    1. GHULAM raza says

      Sir my name GHULAM raza Pakistan Abu Dhabi Watkins ADNOC absurd Jazeera Das may SIM experi.sir please reopen.3. mains raqwest me out side Go Abu Dhabi to renew

      1. Admin says

        Please visit the nearest Etisalat branch.

  4. Naveed Ahmad says

    Dear sir I’m Naveed Ahmad form Pakistan working in Abu Dhabi adnoc offshore sir my problem is my phone number outgoing calls is closed no going call please open the mobile number. 0508784509

  5. Naveed Ahmad says

    My sim number rewalul place sir 0508784509

  6. Naveed Ahmad says

    My phone number. 0508784509
    Please update my Emirates ????

    1. Pardeep kumar says

      I want update my sim card by Emirates I’d please tell me how I update online my sim card

  7. Ismael Andrew Asor says

    Dear Sir/ Maam,

    I’m a representative of your valued client Mr.Alsegaih.
    I do the recharge 500 AED,on his account through quickpay.
    However, I’m expecting there will be added balance on his account stated in the invoice month of NOVEMBER 2020.
    Apparently there were none.Could anyone from ETISALAT customer care assist us regarding this matter.

    My phone number: 971562112710

  8. Emorioloye Samuel olayemi says

    I want to deactivated all subscriptions on my line…thanks

    1. Admin says

      You can do it via their official Etisalat Application.

  9. Rencia says

    Autopay not responding

    1. Admin says

      Email them or call their support provided in the article above.

  10. sreekanth says

    please unsubscribe my daily auto renewal data olan

  11. Ok says

    Can’t reach the customer care and the 101 automated system isn’t helping.

  12. Gene dela cruz says

    I would like make a complaint as i have received billing payment which has been canceled long time ago. I went to Etisalat customer in the mall after long que hoping to clarify this issue and they agreed it was mistake from the syatem. I have informed to raise to customer service but this automatomation 101 is not helping me at all try many nay times not geeting raising new complaint, as advised by the Etisalat customer in the mall.

    As i got call today that i need to pay otherwise within 48hrs i will get illegal issue but how come?

    My billing account im talking is 043458225 and please contact me in my number at 050 2841325


    I hope i will get the support as this new cistomer service is very poor not getting proper service

  13. benedict says

    i need renewel my sim card

  14. subinbiju says

    Deactivate my sim number offer cutting My money please deactivate The offer sir

    1. Admin says

      I will help you do that

  15. Abdulaziz Saeed says

    Deactivate my third party subscription please.

  16. jagroop singh says

    I lost my sim card,I need the sim again

  17. Muhammad Zeeshan says

    How much etisalat sims on my id?

  18. Naomae Sialana Magallanes says

    how do i block my etisalat sim it was stolen by someone and hes using on it

    1. Admin says

      In this case, you need to visit the Etisalat franchise.

  19. Rao faisal anwar says

    Ausalam ulykam please inform me how many sim my id

  20. Sabir Zaman says


  21. Muniyad kahn says

    Good morning sir ima now in India here my Etisalat sim not networks can you help me?

    1. Dhanapal says

      Hi IAM SIM card not outgoing calls for Etisalat Shop not in zirku Island

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