Etisalat 2, 7, 9, 10, & 11 Fils Per Minute Call Package

There are different calling packs available at Etisalat for different countries (list available below). However, users from that specific country in the UAE search for their best 2 fils per call package, similarly 5 fils, 7, 8 fils/minute, 9 and 10 fils daily packages.

Today, I will let you know if these plans are still valid. There are similar and more affordable are available you can choose from and last but not least how to subscribe or unsubscribe these offers. So, let’s get started…

Etisalat 2 Fils Per Minute Call Package

For your information, the 2 Fils/minute call package to Pakistan, India, or any other country is no longer valid. Also, the 7 fils, 9, and 11 fils call packages are expired. You can confirm it by dialing the (101) official helpline number.

You can also email them at ( There are alternative and more affordable packages you can choose from.

Instead, get the 5 fils/minute or 8 fils/minute call package. Moreover, for the best price of AED 5.25/day (VAT included) you’ll get lots of minutes for the following countries:

  • 25 minutes for India, and Pakistan.
  • 50 minutes for China, Egypt Etisalat, and Bangladesh.
  • 20 minutes for Nepal.
  • 15 minutes for Phillippines, Afghanistan.
  • 10 minutes for Egypt, Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Sri Lanka.

How to Subscribe

There are three valid methods to activate the daily call package. You can dial *101*24# and tap the call button. You can also use the official My Etisalat UAE app or by sending the activation code to 1012 via SMS.

Etisalat 25 minutes for India and Pakistan

As the 2 fils per minute call package is no longer valid. Get 25 minutes package for India and Pakistan per day for AED 5.25 (with VAT). The cost per minute is 20 fils only. To activate the package send this code DI25 to 1012. The package will renew automatically, you can unsubscribe or deactivate it by sending C[space]DI25 to 1012.

15 minutes for Phillippines and Afghanistan

You can enjoy 15 minutes to call back your home country from Etisalat. Get 15 minutes for AED 5.25 for 1 day. These minutes can be used for all Phillippines’ smart and Afghanistan’s Roshan and Etisalat numbers.

To subscribe send this code DI15 to 1012 via SMS. You can deactivate the package at any time by sending the code C[space]DI15 to 1012.

50 Minutes for China, Bangladesh, and Egypt

There is 50 minutes call package for Egypt, China, and Bangladesh only. The price is AED 5.25 only, you can use these minutes in one day. To activate the package send the code DI50 to 1012. You can also cancel it by sending C[space]DI50 to 1012.

20 Minutes for Nepal

You can have 20 international minutes for all Nepali numbers only for AED 5.25. The validity is 24 hours only. However, you can subscribe to the offer by sending the code DI20 to 1012 from your Etisalat number.

Keep in mind that the package will renew automatically after 24 hours. So, make sure to deactivate it if you don’t need it anymore. You can cancel it by sending the code C[space]DI20 to 1012.

10 Minutes for Indonesia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Ethiopia

Not the best call package for these countries, you can have your choice. Get 10 international minutes for Indonesia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Ethiopia. You can easily get the package by sending the code DI10 to 1012. However, you can deactivate it just to send this code C[space]DI10 to 1012.

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