Mobily Air Fiber 4G/5G Plans with Free WiFi

If you need the fastest WiFi solutions for your home or office on Mobily network. There are some good news for you. Mobily brings you both 4G and 5G internet plans with free WiFi routers for the best budget price ever.

Let me show you the details of these packages with prices and billing cycles, also you can order to enjoy the fastest internet speed ever.

Mobily Air Fiber Packages with Free WiFi

There are three different plans available, one is 4G and the other two are 5G. You can choose the best one for your data needs. However, all the packages listed below except the 4G pack, include a free WiFi device. You can order one from this official Mobily store.

4G Air Fiber Package

The price of the package is SAR 402.5 per month. There is no steep fee, the installation is free of cost. The contract is available for 12 months only. You will get unlimited internet data for the whole month for 12 months. The Free Wifi device is not available in this package.

5G Air Fiber 200MB Speed Package

The best budget package for the best price ever. You can get unlimited data volume at 200 Mbps speed for a whole month for 24 months. The contract billing cycle is 24 months. The price is SAR 287.5 per month. There is no setup and installation fee. A free 5G router is included in the package.

5G Air Fiber Package

The package is built for speed on 5G networks with both 4G/LTE availability. It gives you high internet speed and with the free router, you can connect up to 64 users at once. The speed is 4Gbps. There is no installation fee and it’s easy to set up. The price is SAR 402.5. The contract time is 24 months.

Moreover, if you have it installed and want to change its password, you can change it with ease. If you need more information, comment below or contact Mobily to get an immediate response.

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