Mobily Postpaid eSIM50 Offer Sharing Experience

Data sharing on the Mobily network was not possible due to some limitations. However, now the new eSIM-50 allows you to share your local data, local calls, and minutes with a new eSIM on the go. In short, data sharing is now available on the Mobily network with the new eSIM50. the price of the new eSIM 50 is SAR 57.50. You can visit any nearest Mobily store or outlet to buy one for you.

Today, I am gonna tell you all the details of sharing eligibility, what packages are eligible, what resources can be shared, etc. Also, I am gonna show you how to activate and deactivate benefits sharing. So, let’s get started…

Packages Eligibility for Sharing Benefits with eSIM50

There are only three packages eligible for sharing benefits with your new eSIM50. But you need to have only one active package under your Iqama ID in the Kingdom. So, If you have an active RAQI, postpaid 400, and or postpaid 300 packages. You can share your package benefits like internet data, local calls, and SMS on a new eSIM line without any hesitation. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Please keep on reading…

The following Package Benefits Can be Shared

With any RAQI, postpaid 300 and 400 active packages on your eSIM50, you can share unlimited calls, minutes, SMS, and 100GB of data. Even if you have unlimited data on your active plan. But you are only allowed to share only 100GB of your postpaid data with the new eSIM line. Other than that, everything sharing is unlimited, the choice is yours.

Benefits Sharing Activation and Deactivation Code

There are two methods to do so, you can choose one that is easy for you to enable or disable benefits sharing your new eSIM50. Below are the two easy methods for data, calls, and SMS sharing:

Via Mobily App

Download and install the Mobily official app. Go to line Managed then choose Share Line Benefits. Now follow the easy instructions on your screen. You will be asked for data, calls, or SMS sharing limit and to enter the recipient’s eSIM Mobily number. Once done, you will receive a confirmation text SMS.

USSD Code for Benefits Sharing

To share your local data SMS “DT 05XXXXXXX” to 1100, for local SMS sharing SMS “SO 05XXXXXXXX” to 1100. However, to share local calls, SMS “MO 05XXXXXXXX” to 1100.  Note that the “05XXXXXXXX” should be the eSIM Mobily number.

To deactivate the benefits sharing, for local data, send SMS “DDT 05XXXXXXXX” to 1100, to cancel local SMS sharing, send SMS ” DSO 05XXXXXXXX”. To cancel local call sharing, send an SMS “DMO to 05XXXXXXXX”.

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  1. Yazan owinah says

    How do i know how much data i have left from my esim50 subscription?

    1. Admin says

      Using the official Mobily app.

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