Mobily Call Forwarding Code Activation & Cancellation

You might be busing sometime in a meeting or some important work. However, if you are unable to pick up or get a call on your Mobily network. Then Mobily offers the best and free service known as Call Forwarding. You can easily activate and cancel the call forwarding on the Mobily network in KSA with a code. Thus you can easily redirect all your incoming calls to another number or voicemail service. Don’t know the procedure for doing so? Please follow the below steps:

Mobily Call Forwarding Codes

How to‬ ‪Forward all calls‬: When you want to forward all calls on Mobily network to another number or voicemail then dial this code For example, to forward your incoming calls to 5858100‬ then dial **62*065828100# and tap OK.‬ Anyway, to activate the service dial code **21* number # then OK. However, to cancel the service dial ##21# then OK‬.

Forward when busy‬: If you are busy at the moment and want to forward all calls then dial **67* number # then OK.‬ However, to cancel the service then dial ##67# and press OK. ‬

Forward when your phone is switched off‬: If your phone is switched off or for some reason, you are not able to get a call then dial this code **62* number # then OK to activate the forwarding service in such situations. Thus to cancel the service dial code ##62# OK.

Forward after a few rings‬: If someone is disturbing you and you cannot pick up his calls then dial this code **61* number #, OK to activate call forwarding after a few rings. To cancel the service dial ##61# OK‬.

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How to‬ ‪Cancel Mobily Call Forwarding‬

Whenever you want to cancel call forwarding on Mobily network in KSA then you can dial this code ##002# OK. to cancel all the forwarding calls in Saudi Arabia. You may receive a confirmation SMS on your number that you have successfully canceled the call forwarding on your number.

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