Mobily Special Prepaid & Postpaid Packages

Mobily in Saudi Arabia gives you choices to choose the package for your mood. Their special offers, as before we have a post on their 75, 110, 150, and 180 packs. This time have added two new packages for 5 new ones for postpaid users too. So, it is a piece of good news for Mobily postpaid customers. Today, I will show you the best and cheap packs with more internet data, Minutes, and unlimited social media data. I will also explain the activation methods for each plan with code. So, please keep on reading.

Mobily Special Offers Prepaid

There are 4 different special offers available for prepaid users. These packages will give data, minutes, and social data for a better price and unlimited resources and each package. So, I am really excited to show you the prepaid 220, 360, and prepaid weekly, and daily special offers today. So, let’s explore these offers.

Mobily 220 Prepaid Special Offer

In this package, you will get 100GB of internet data with unlimited minutes for local calls to all networks in the Kingdom and unlimited social data for using social apps. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Snapchat are included for social data. The price is SAR 220 which is without VAT. The validity is 4 weeks (1 month). The subscription code is to write “220” in SMS and send it to 1100. To cancel the package SMS 0220 to 1100. To check the remaining resources send 4 to 1100 in SMS.

Mobily 360 Prepaid Special Offer (Unlimited)

If you need a Mobily package with unlimited internet data, minutes, and social data. Then choose the know as Prepaid 360. In this package, you will get unlimited internet 4G/5G, unlimited minutes to all networks in the Kingdom, and unlimited social data for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. The price of the unlimited prepaid 360 package is SAR 343.48 for 1 month. To activate the package SMS 360 to 1100. To cancel the package SMS 0360 to 1100. You can send 4 to 1100 for checking the remaining balance and data.

Mobily Postpaid Special Offers

So, here is the good news for Mobily postpaid users. There are 4 special packages recently launched by Mobily. The prices are cheap and affordable and you will have enough resources to fulfill all your internet, minutes and social data need each month. So, let’s explore these best Mobily special offers.

Mobily Postpaid 50 Special Offer

The price is SAR 57.5/month. There is a setup fee of SAR 57.5 upon activation (1st time only). However, you get 3GB of data, 50 all-network SMS, and 300 free minutes to all networks in the Kingdom. You can visit the nearest branch to get a postpaid 50 special offer sim card.

Mobily Postpaid 100 Special Offer

The postpaid 100 package is the best choice for all users all the time. Get 20GB of data, 100 all-network SMS, and 1500 all-network minutes. The price is SAR 115 with an extra SAR 57.5 setup fee. You can subscribe or get a new sim card with mentioned resources from a Mobily store or outlet in the Kingdom.

Mobily Postpaid 200 Special Offer

A feature-rich package postpaid 200 special offer. The price is SAR 230.00/month with a setup fee of SAR 57.5 only. You get 97GB of internet data, unlimited minutes to all networks, and unlimited social data for YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. You also get 200 SMS to networks in KSA. New customers can visit the Mobily store and existing customers can get the package online from the Mobily website or their official Mobily App.

Mobily Postpaid 300 and 400 Special Offer

Postpaid 300 offer: Get unlimited social data, unlimited free minutes to all networks in the Kingdom, and 150GB of internet data only for SAR 345.00/month (setup fee SAR 57.5). Visit the Mobily store or use their official app to activate the package.

Postpaid 400 offer: For SAR 460.00/month (setup fee 57.5). You can get unlimited internet data and social, unlimited local minutes to all networks in the Kingdom. Visit the Mobily store or use their official app to get the package.

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