Mobily Roaming Calls, Internet Bundles New 2024

You don’t need to activate separate packages for calls, minutes, internet data, and more. Because Mobily in KSA now offers a variety of plans for 3 days, 7, 10 days, and monthly with amazing roaming features. You can get unlimited outgoing and incoming calls, and use the internet without data limitations while roaming.

Today, I will show the best-chosen roaming calls and data bundles new on the Mobily network in 2023. Actually, these are all in one package you can choose for your needs and duration. I will show you the easy activation code for all these bundles and all related information. So stay here and keep on reading…

Mobily Unlimited Roaming Packages

Now you can get amazing roaming packages on the Mobily network. Because they have updated their plans to fulfill your needs and let you stay connected anywhere anytime in the world. There are four different roaming packages you can select from:

Package NamePriceDataIncoming/Outgoing CallsActivation Code
3 Days unlimited bundleSAR 251.85UnlimitedUnlimitedSend "Trip100" to 1100
7 Days unlimited bundleSAR 401.35UnlimitedUnlimitedSend "Trip200" to 1100
10 Days unlimited bundleSAR 516.35UnlimitedUnlimitedSend "Trip300" to 1100
30 Days unlimited bundleSAR 631.35UnlimitedUnlimitedSend "Trip500" to 1100

3 Days Bundle

Get unlimited internet data, and incoming and outgoing calls for only SAR 251.5. To activate the pack for 3 days, send “Trip100” to 1100. SMS is not included in the bundle. However, upon successful activation, you will get a confirmation SMS from Mobily, then you can start using the roaming bundle.

7 Days Plan

For one week or 7 days, you can get unlimited internet data. Also, incoming and outgoing calls while roaming for only SAR 401.35. To activate the pack for 7 days, send “Trip200” to 1100. Keep in mind that you don’t have any free SMS resources.

10 Days Package

Got a trip to anywhere in the work for 10 days? Then activate the best Mobily roaming bundle for 10 days with unlimited internet data and incoming and outgoing calls for only SAR 516.35. To activate the plan for 10 days, send the subscription code “Trip300” to 1100 via SMS.

30 Days (1 month) Pack

Get unlimited calls (incoming and outgoing) with unlimited internet data for a whole month. For 30 days, you can subscribe to the Mobily unlimited roaming package for only SAR 631.35. To subscribe to 30 day roaming bundle, send the code “Trip500” to 1100.

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