Mobily Special 75, 110, 150, & 180 Plans KSA

There are other prepaid packages at Mobily with the same price tag. However, this time Mobily has added special addons for free with their SAR 75, 180, 110, 150, 220, and 360 prepaid packages. These packs give more data, more social data, and extra free minutes.

Today, I will show the complete details including activation and cancellation codes, prices, and more. Keep in mind that these are limited-time special offers. So, make sure to get them as soon as possible. You must check the availability with Mobily before you subscribe to any of their special packages. Now, let’s get started…

Mobily Special Offers

So here we are with another best four prepaid packages on Mobily. These are known as special packages for prepaid users with an additional 20% internet data and the same price. Here are the details:

SAR 75 Prepaid Special Package

As its name the price of the package is only SAR 75.00, it is valid for 1 month and gives 5GB of data, 500 minutes (local only), and 5+5GB of social data for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram. To subscribe to the prepaid 75 special offer, SMS “75” to 1100. However, to cancel the prepaid 75 plan SMS “075” to 1100. For checking the remaining resources send “4” to 1100.

SAR 110 Prepaid Special Package

Now get 20% additional data for the same price of SAR 110.00/month. In the 110 prepaid plan, you will receive 10GB of data, 15GB of social media data, and 1500 free minutes for local use only. Moreover, to subscribe to the 110 prepaid pack SMS “110” t0 1100. You can also cancel the 110 package by sending an SMS “0110” to 1100. If you wanna track the usage then SMS “4” to 1100.

SAR 150 Prepaid Special Package

Get unlimited social media usage, 3000 free local minutes, and 50GB of internet data for SAR 150/month on the Mobily network in KSA. The price includes VAT. However, to activate the 150 prepaid special package SMS “150” to 1100. To deactivate or unsubscribe from the 150 special package SMS “0150” to 1100. You can check the remaining resources by sending “4” to 1100.

SAR 180 Prepaid Special Package

With Mobily’s special 180 prepaid package for SAR 180.00/month, get unlimited free minutes for local use, unlimited social media access, and 80GB of free data. To subscribe to the Mobily special 180 package SMS “180” to 1100, if you wanna cancel the package then SMS “0180” to 1100. To check your free resources send “4” to 1100.

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