DU Unlimited WiFi UAE Weekly & Monthly Offers

Du in the UAE offers unlimited prepaid, postpaid, and WiFi plans. Their prepaid and postpaid are affordable and easy to activate. However, if you don’t have an active data plan or just got out of your current internet data bundle. Then you can go with the Du UAE Wifi offer. There are two types of it, you can go with Free or Premium UAE Wifi on the Du network. Today, I will show you the new special offers. So, let’s get started…

DU Unlimited UAE WiFi Weekly

For a low price of AED 5 only, you can activate UAE WiFi for 7 days (one week). The price is VAT inclusive. However, this is a limited-time special offer for all Du customers. To activate the package, use the official DU app. Keep in mind that you can only use the Du UAE WiFi in these locations. Other than the selected locations, you won’t be able to find the DU WiFi UAE hotspot while you search for it.

DU Unlimited UAE WiFi Monthly

For an affordable price of AED 10.00 only, you can subscribe to the Du UAE WiFi package with unlimited internet data and enough validity of 30 days (30 days). This is a special offer and may expire anytime. However, it may not renew automatically. You will need to activate the package manually.

Package Activation

Moreover, you can subscribe to the UAE WiFi monthly or weekly package via the DU application, open the DU app, tap the three dots next to your number, and select special offers, now tap WiFi offers. You will see the Subscribe option under the monthly and weekly package, make sure to have enough credit balance before you activate the package.

If you don’t see the offer listed over there, then consider that these offers are expired. However, you can repeat the same steps to check if there are new offers available to get. That is it, if you need any help, please do let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. Ashiful Shekh says

    Hi there,
    Once i buy the package to du wifi data plan for suppose aed 10 for 30 days, how do i connect with the network? Should i open my mobile data function or wifi? One more thing, How am i able to know that now i can connect where i am or will be?
    Thank you

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