How to Check Du Sim Owner Details with Code

Du Mobile is a very popular network in the UAE after Etisalat. They offer cheap, reliable services that best fulfill customers’ requirements. However, you may how you can find your Du sim card number. What if you wanna find out the ownership details of your Du number in UAE.

There is an easy method and a code, following which you can know the ownership of a Du sim number. Keep in mind that there is no need to have Emirates ID, name, enter phone number, address, location, etc. Only make sure you have the sim card on your smartphone. Now follow this method…

Check Owner Details of Du Number via Code

Here is how to check the ownership details of any Du sim card. All you need is to dial 155 and tap call. Now listen to the call saying your (owner) name automatically. You don’t need to press any extra number or pay any charges. In short:

  1. Dial this code 155 and tap the call button.
  2. Now listen to the automated system response.
  3. You will hear your Du sim number ownership details (name).

This is completely free to do it. However, make sure to have a minimum balance on your Du line. This will you call and if you don’t have any, get an advance loan immediately. Moreover, you can also find out the ownership details or only the name of your Du sim card by installing the Du UAE app.

Alternative Method to Check Owner Details of Du Number

Do you know that you can install the Du official app in the UAE and find out lots of ownership details? Simply install the Du application on your Android or iOS device. Then login or register your Du number. You will see the owner listed in the Dashboard in the Du UAE app. This is an effortless method to check the owner name of your Du number.

Terms and Conditions

Both prepaid and postpaid Du customers can call 155 to check the owner name of the Du sim on their mobile device. Keep in mind that, you can check the details for an active sim on your device. You cannot do anything while calling 155 but listen to the automated system calling your name. There are no charges for calling 155. You can either call 155 or log in/register on the Du UAE app to find the same information. For more information, call Du customer care support or comment below.

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