DU Postpaid Power Plans Double Data Offers [NEW]

DU has introduced its power plans for postpaid users in the UAE. There are more Flexi minutes, double data, unlimited roaming, international calls, internet calling, and more. Guess what? You will have unlimited Amazon Prime and OSN Streaming app usage. These are such great offers with amazing features and resources. Today, I will show you the full details of these specific New Powers bundles. Now let’s explore these bundles…

DU Postpaid Power Plans UAE

So Du has updated their postpaid plans by adding more internet data, minutes, and related stuff to please their customers. They can now enjoy double-free resources with each plan. However, this is a limited offer, after the offer expires, you will get the normal data, minutes, etc. Du also gives a greater value when you buy a plan online, you will get 24 hours of free delivery, an extra 5GB of data, and a free sim card with activation. What else do you need? Anyways, let’s get started with the cheapest postpaid plan:

Du Postpaid PackagePriceData and WiFiFlexi MinutesFree Amazon Price / OSN
Power Plan 125AED 125/month4GB data + 8GB WiFi100 minutesNo
Power Plan 200AED 200/month26GB data + 26GB WiFi400 minutesAmazon Prime only
Power Plan 260AED 260/month40GB data + 40GB WiFi600 minutes + Free Int'l calls to 1 numberAmazon Prime and OSN
Power Plan 300AED 300/month50GB data + 50GB WiFi1000 minutes + Free Int'l calls to 1 countryAmazon Prime and OSN
Power Plan 500AED 500/month100GB data + 100GB WiFi2500 minutes + Free Int'l calls to 1 countryAmazon Prime and OSN
Power Plan 1000AED 1000/month240GB data + 240GB WiFi + 20GB roamingUnlimited minutes and international callsAmazon Prime and OSN

Power Plan 125

If you are the kind of user who doesn’t use data at all times, then go for Power Plan 125. You will get 4GB of data and 100 Flexi minutes for national and international use. Also 8GB of free UAE WiFi data and free sim card activation worth AED 125. You can purchase the Power Plan 125 from the nearest Du outlet or online.

Power Plan 200

In the Du power plan 200, get double data 26GB instead of 13 GB. 400 Flexi minutes for national use only, also 26GB of free WiFi data, and a carryover of up to 6.5GB next month on plan renewal. Moreover, 100MB of roaming data is included, and free access to Amazon Prime for a whole month. You will get a free sim card preactivated. This is for only AED 200 a month.  After the offer expires you will get the normal 13GB and other resources.

Power Plan 260

The price of the Du Power plan 260 is AED 260+5% VAT per month. Get 40GB data, 600 Flexi minutes, 40GB WiFi usage, carry over up to 10GB next month, and a free sim card with activation. Moreover, you will get unlimited international calls/minutes to 1 number and 25MB of roaming data. Also, unlimited access to Amazon Prime and OSN Streaming app for free. Once the offer expires, you will get regular resource usage instead of double.

Power Plan 300

For AED 300 a month, you will receive 50GB of data each month, 1000 Flexi minutes, and 50GB of free WiFi data. Also, 12.5GB of data is carried over in the next month. There are even more benefits, free Amazon Prime, free OSN Streaming app usage with unlimited access, and unlimited calls to 1 international number. Note the price of AED 300 is 5% VAT exclusive.

Power Plan 500

Get more than enough data, minutes other resources in the Power Plan 500 for postpaid customers. 100GB of data with free 2500 Flexi minutes, and 100GB of free WiFi data with up to 25GB carry over next month upon renewal. There are more benefits, a free internet calling pack, free unlimited international calls to 1 country unlimited numbers, and 5GB of free-roaming data. Even free unlimited access to OSN streaming app and Amazon Prime in the UAE only. All this is for only AED 500 a month.

Power Plan 1000

Here is the best deal for postpaid DU users. For AED 1000 per month for 12 months, you will get these benefits: Unlimited national data and Flexi minutes, speed, free SIM, and WiFi AEU access. Carryover 60 GB into next month, free sim card with activation, free unlimited International calls, and internet calling pack. 40GB roaming data and unlimited access to Amazon Price and OSN streaming app.

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