How to Check DU Sim Number UAE | 3 Methods

If you are using a Du sim card in UAE, then you may know your sim card or mobile number. If you don’t, then you are here at the right place. Today, I am going to show you the three easy methods to check your Du sim card number. Even if you don’t have a mobile balance or credit on your phone, still you can do it the easy way by using just a simple USSD code. I know you are curious to know the procedure, so let’s get into it…

How to Find or Check Your Du Sim Number

There are three different and easy methods to do it. However, you can follow the one that is easy for you. The best thing is, that you can check your Du number without mobile balance. Anyways, let’s get started with method #1 below…

Method #1: Using Missed Calls

All you need is to call any other Du number in the UAE. Make sure that number (sim cardholder) is near you. Then he will get a missed call alert with your sim card number. No need to have Du credit. That person will either call or just ask him/her to show your sim number. This is an efficient way if you are setting up with friends and wanna know your number on the Du network in the UAE.

Method #2: Using a Code

The most common and easy way to find your Du sim number is via code. Open the dial-pad and dial this code *116# and tap the call button. You will see “USSD code running” on your screen. After that, you will see a pop-up message displaying “Your Mobile number is 971XXXXXXXXXX”. Take a screenshot and note it down. This is how easily you can find out your Du sim card number. Similarly, balance is not necessary for this action.

Method #3: Using the Du Official App

If you have logged in to the Du official app and forgot to tell someone your sim number. Then Open the Du official app on your device. You will see your Du phone number listed in the Dashboard under your Name. Also, the balance is not required to check your Du sim card number using the Du official application.

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So, that is guys, the above are three easy and most common methods to know your Du sim card personal number. If you have any issues you can talk to the Du customer care representative using their helpline number and ask them to send you your sim card number via SMS. Comments for more information regarding the above.

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  1. Ali asghar says

    I want to du nombar 05527***001

    1. Admin says

      Please follow the instructions in the article.

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