DU India Calling Offer 10 Fils Per Minute [Updated]

Are you from India and living or doing a job, etc in UAE? You might be looking for some call packages because you will need to call back to your home country, which is of course India, right? OK, if you are using a DU sim card in the UAE and looking for a cheap calling offer. Then you are here at the right place. Here, I am going to show the best and very cheap call offer for India on the Du network. For your information, the old packages for 5, 7, 8, and 9 fils are no longer available to customers.

DU India Calling Offer 10 Fils per Minute

This is one of the best calling offers by Du in the UAE. It gives you more time/minutes to talk to your loved ones back home in India. However, you wanna know the activation code, and maybe in the future, you may need to deactivate it. Don’t worry, today I am going to show all the details for the 10 fils per minute offers. So stay here and keep on reading…

Price10 Fils Per minute
Voice CallsFor India
Subscription codeDial *135*005# > 1
Deactivation codeDial *135*005# > 0

Activate Du India calling 10 fils/minutes offer

The offer will cost you 10 fils per minute. Here is how to activate it: Open the phone dialer and dial this code *135*005# and tap the call button. You will be asked to proceed, enter “1” and tap Send on the next screen. Now you will get an SMS from Du that you have successfully subscribed to the Special offer to call India t 10 fils/minutes. Keep in mind that, the price is VAT-exclusive.

Cancel Du India calling 10 fils/minutes offer

For any reason, if you wanna cancel the plan. All you need is to dial this code *135*005# and press the call button. On the next pop-up screen, you will see the offer details, enter “0” and tap Send. This will exit the plan and you will no longer be charged for the Du India calling offer. For some reason, if the code is not working then follow this guide or call Du customer care support.

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