How to Cancel DU Home WiFi Services UAE

Du is no doubt a good telecom services provider in the UAE. However, a time may come when you will be leaving UAE, or could be any other reason. So you may cancel the Du home Wifi services to stop getting extra charges for the services you don’t use at all or don’t like at all. Anyways there is an easy method to do so. The only thing you need is to stay here and read everything carefully. So, without further talking let’s get started…

Cancel DU Home WiFi Services UAE

Du allows you to subscribe to their Home WiFi services and let you easily cancel the subscription whenever you want. So if you don’t like the services at all then follow this procedure to cancel your Du Home WiFi Services:

All you need is to call the Du customer care service number (00 971 4 390 5555). Humbly request them that you are leaving UAE (or for any other reason), and you wanna cancel your line. The Home Services Cancellation Team will reach you via call and disconnect your service within 24 hours after confirmation. In rare cases, it may take from 24 hours up to 72 hours. So be patient and let them do their work.

Alternatively, you can fill up this cancellation form and take it to any nearest Du office. They will follow up with you and will cancel your line.

Example of Du Home WiFi Service Cancellation Form UAE
Example of Du Home WiFi Service Cancellation Form UAE

Use the DU app to Cancel Home WiFi

  1. Open the DU app and tap the 3 dots next to your Home WiFi plan.
  2. Select “Cancel Plan”
  3. Fill in the required information and the reason for cancellation.

Possibly they will immediately deactivate your home WiFi services within 5 minutes or less. If they don’t then you need to continuously reach customer care services by calling their helpline number. However, before doing so. You need to make sure that you don’t have any outstanding bills.

Moreover, if you go for anything free e.g a TV with their TV packages, routers, and other stuff. They will ask to return all the items. This is only if you are requesting to cancel your line before the end of your contract.

Also, if you have paid in advance for the Du home services, then you will get a refund but the cancellation fee with be deducted as per their rules and regulations. So don’t worry about your money.

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  1. nainmuhamad says

    data unsubscribe

  2. Deshbhan Jadaun says

    I want to cancel the wifi connection pls reach out.

  3. Ummer says

    I want cancellation my du WiFi router

    1. Admin says

      Take the router and visit the nearest office, request them if you wanna cancel the Home WiFi service.

  4. Nadia says

    I have 1yr du contract for internet . Do I need to inform that I’m not interested to renew , or contract termination will take effect at the end date ?

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