STC Sawa Hybrid Sim Card Offer and Details

STC offers a new SIM card called Sawa Hybrid. The new postpaid SIM card allows all users to enjoy the best services and features. It’s the same card but can provide more savings as per the usage, that is why it is called the Hybrid. In short, its two-saving plus features are equal to STC’s new Hybrid SIM card.

You can use it as you use the old postpaid one, but only different can give prepaid features, postpaid features, and services too. All the features include package subscriptions, renewal, and consumption data control as per your desired balance in the SIM card.

STC Sawa Hybrid SIM Card

For your information, it is a postpaid card but you can enjoy prepaid services on it if you want to. For example, now you can get Sawa packages with such a SIM card activated on your smartphone. Some of the charges and basic features are here:

The Sim card price is SAR 0, in short, you don’t have to pay for getting a new Hybrid sim card. It’s free. There are no monthly charges, so you are tension-free from such monthly. Moreover, the local calling rate is SAR 0.55 per minute and internationally there is SAR 0.55 per minute. This means for both local and international calls the charges are only SAR 0.55 per minute.

Now let’s talk about the SMS rates. You can spend SAR 0.25 per SMS within the STC network and SAR 0.35 per SMS to the networks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, when you SMS internationally the charges are SAR 0.35 per SMS.

Well, the above are SMS call changes. Let’s talk about internet changes, when you consume internet data without any Sawa Package activated, then you will be charged SAR 2 per MB within the Kingdom. For roaming, you need to contact customer care services number 900 for more information.

Moreover, you can recharge your STC SIM card via a company web portal, via the mySTC app, and contact 1500. However, you can use internet banking to recharge your postpaid hybrid SIM card. You can also check your remaining balance via these resources.

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