Mofawtar 4 Plan Get 450 SAR SACO Voucher

STC in Saudi Arabia the best packages for postpaid customers around KSA. When it comes to Mofawtar 4 package, a very best offer is available right now. You can get the most of this offer and get SAR 450 voucher.

All you need to subscribe or activate the Mofawtar 4 package and get the SAR 450 voucher. So hurry up and go for it. Now there is a question that might be in your mind, for example how you can get it, how to switch to Mofawtar, etc. Well, don’t worry let get into it.

How to switch from prepaid to Mofawtar Pack?

Well, it’s very simple and doesn’t require any rocket science. If you are prepaid STC customer just visit STC nearest outlet and ask the representative to get you Mofawtar 4. Also, you can download and install MYSTC application on your Android or iOS smartphone and activate the plan on the go.

Where you can use the SAR 450 voucher?

You can use this voucher in all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all SACO stores. Remember there is no refund right after the purchase with the voucher. Remember you can not tech gadgets etc with them a voucher.

Offer validity and voucher time period:

This Offer is expiring soon on April 10, 2019. Just go for it and don’t waste your time. You can get the voucher between 1 to 16 of April 2019. Other than that you can buy it.

When and How I will get the voucher?

You will get the voucher of 450 SR from SACO right after the activation of a new sim card with Mofawtar 4. Via MySTC App you will get it within 24 hours.

How you can get the voucher code via the MYSTC App?

  1. Open up the MySTC app, select the option “more” at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select “voucher reward”.
  3. Now select the “eligible number” option
  4. And then select the “SACO store” option
  5. And that is it, you will get the voucher code in SMS shortly.

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