Iqama Red Yellow Platiinum and Green Color

Nitaqat is a system launched by the Government of Saudi Arabia. It shows a company/iqama status green low, red-green, average yellow, and platinum. Today I will show how you can check iqama red-green in 2021 on MOL.

In this guide, I will show you how to find your Nitaqat category color in 2019 Saudi Arabia. So, you will then know your company’s reputation and Nitaqat. Before going to the procedure it’s important to ensure that your Iqama card is not expired.

Make sure it has a minimum validity of three months. Why it is important to check iqama expiry first? Because if it is expired the system will not respond to your query. Thus you won’t be able to find out the desired Nitaqat status. While after checking if it valid then you can proceed with the below simple steps in order to find out Nitaqat status.

Check Iqama Red Green 2021

  1. First, go to the MOL website.
  2. Enter the Iqama number and make sure you’ve entered it correctly.
  3. Now Enter the image code (reCAPTCHA), ensure to not miss any word (refer to the image below).
  4. And finally, click the “View” button it’s (Bihis) which means View. then you will find a sponsor. or Kafeel or company color status.

checking iqama color MOL


Iqama green low color status

The above is a simple procedure for finding Nitaqat status platinum, red green, and yellow. If you are experiencing any issue while finding your company or Kafeel status.

What is Iqama red or green status, what it means?

Actually, the Nitaqat color system defines a company’s reputation for the government. If the color you check-in MOL or MOI of your iqama is red then it means your company has a little number of Saudizatoin (number of Saudi) which reflects a bad status. While the green low or green is average and yellow defines the lowest number of Saudization. While the platinum color is on the top.

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  1. MRD says

    If Iqama is still valid and company status is in red, we can change kafala?
    Also, we have a family member in visit visa?

    1. Admin says

      Yes, you can change it.

      1. Ali says

        Can we do Without sponser consent?

        1. Admin says

          Yes if in red category

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