STC 10GB, 25GB, 100GB, & 300GB Internet Packages

Looking for STC data packages to recharge and get unlimited and enough internet data? Quicknet data recharge cards start from 25GB, 100GB to up to 300 GB in KSA. STC is a leading telecommunication company in Saudi Arabia they are providing the best Quicknet internet devices and packages at a cheap price and enough validity time.

Internet voucher card load is easy and simple but remember you can only recharge on a Quicknet device data sim card. It’s never been that easier and simple before via cards.

STC Quicknet Packages with Price and Details

Whenever you buy a recharge card, don’t forget to load it only on the data Sawa sim, not on the regular calling sim card.

STC 3 months data packages

There are there different internet packages on STC for 3 months. 10GB, 100GB, and 300GB for 3 months. Here are the details with the activation code:

  • 10GB internet data, 3 months validity, SAR 201.25, activation code send 2722 to 900.
  • 100GB internet data, 1 month validity, SAR 195.5, activation code send 2745 to 900.
  • 300GB internet data, 3 months validity, SAR 450, activation code send 2728 to 900.

STC 25GB Package QuickNet

  • Package 25GB.
  • The price is 100 SAR.
  • Validity only 1 Month [30 days].
  • Activation is to send 2743 to 900.

STC 100GB Package QuickNet

  • Package 100GB.
  • The price is 195.5 SAR.
  • Validity only 1 Month [30 days].
  • Activation is to send 272734 to 900.

Do you want to buy the new Quicknet device? The prices and validity are different, you can click here to know more about the Sawa device and packages with prices and other details. To check your remaining Sawa balance click here. There are more data packs 15GB to 300GB for prepaid customers. To recharge your data sim click here.

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