How to Transfer Data from Etisalat to Etisalat

Here is the good news for you, Etisalat now offers seamless Data Sharing within the Etisalat network in UAE. Let me walk you through how you can transfer or share internet data.

Everyone needs to be connected to the internet nowadays. If you ever get low on internet data on the network, you can activate the best internet package or if you don’t have enough balance, you ask a friend or family member to share internet data with you with a few simple steps. Please follow the below simple steps.

Etisalat to Etisalat Data Tranfer Guide

Whether you’re on an e& postpaid or prepaid plan, this service offers a convenient way to make the most out of your monthly data allowance. Yes, you can share it with your friends to help them out in critical situations. Here is how to do it:

Choose the method that suits you best:

1. My Etisalat UAE App: Use the app to transfer data with just a few taps effortlessly.

2. Dialing Code: Dial #100*Receiver-Number*Data-in-MB# from your phone. For instance, dial #100*05XXXX88XX*2000# to transfer 2GB of data to the receiver number 05XXXX88XX.

3. Quick Dialing: Dial #100# to initiate a data transfer.

How to Check or Monitor Data Usage

When you receive internet data from someone, as a receiver, you can keep checking your data usage through the following methods.

1. My Etisalat UAE App: You can use the official My Etisalat App to check your data usage details conveniently.

2. By Dialing Code: You can dial *121*170# to check your remaining data balance within a second without any charges.

Benefits of Etisalat Data Sharing

The process of data sharing on Etisalat network is easy, fast, and convenient.

Multiple Transfers: You can transfer data in multiples of 100MB with no limit in prepaid plans, and up to 5GB/transfer/month in postpaid plans. That means only postpaid users will have limit.

Charges: For convenience, a small transfer fee of AED 3 per 100MB is charged from the account balance (prepaid) or added to the monthly bill (for postpaid users).

Validity of data: The Transferred data is valid for 10 days and the receiver must consume it before regular data allowance.

Important Notes on Etisalat Data Sharing

1. As a receiver, you’ll receive an SMS notification upon consuming 100% of the transferred data allowance.

2. No worries about out-of-bundle data access after consuming the transferred data balance.

3. If your remaining internet data is below 100MB, you cannot share it.

Enjoy and stay connected effortlessly with Etisalat’s data-sharing service, ensuring you and your loved ones are always connected to the internet.

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