Etisalat Latest Internet Packages UAE [2024]

Etisalat has recently updated its prices for all its data plans. That is why I have decided to keep you guys updated with the new plan, data, activation, and deactivation code, etc. Today, I will show you the complete internet packages available at Etisalat in the UAE. So you can choose the package that is best for you and your workspace.

However, To activate any of these packages you will need to install the official Etisalat application or visit their official data page. You will simply need to click the Add button and enter your Etisalat number, you will get OPT on your number. Then reply to that SMS to subscribe to a package.

There are a variety of internet packages. For example, starting from 50MB, 150MB, 250MB, 300MB, 500MB, 75MB, 1GB, 3GB, 6GB, 10GB, 20GB, 50GB, 150MB, 60MB, and monthly 2GB with auto-renewal. However, there are one-time internet packages also, 250MB, 25GB, 10GB+5GB free, 7GB, 3GB, 1+1GB, social data packages, one-week plans, and monthly social packages. Moreover, let’s explore these internet bundles with full details below.

Etisalat Internet Packages

First of all, let me the full details of the 23 Etisalat data packages with auto-renewal. This means you simply need to activate any of the below packages by calling the Etisalat helpline or using the official My Etisalat UAE app. There is no activation or deactivation code. So, the package will renew automatically. However, you can also go ahead and deactivate any package with ease. Also, don’t forget to check your data. Have a look at the daily and monthly, also social packs for prepaid users with auto-renewal below:

Daily and 28 Days Internet Packages

Package NamePriceValidityActivation
50MB AED 30.00 28 days Etisalat UAE App
75MB Everyday for 7 days AED 14.00 7 days Etisalat UAE App
75MB Everyday for 28 days AED 14.00 28 days Etisalat UAE App
500MBAED 30.0028 daysEtisalat UAE App
1GB AED 50.00 28 days Etisalat UAE App
3GB AED 100.00 28 days Etisalat UAE App
6GB AED 150.00 28 days Etisalat UAE App
10GB AED 200.00 28 days Etisalat UAE App
20GB AED 300.00 28 days Etisalat UAE App
50GB AED 600.00 28 days Etisalat UAE App
150MB Daily Package AED 4.00 1 day Etisalat UAE App
60MB Daily Package AED 2.00 1 day Etisalat UAE App
2GB Monthly AED 80.00 1 month Etisalat UAE App
2GB Local data AED 65.00 28 days Etisalat UAE App
The above are the 12 different plans available with the auto-renewal feature enabled. This means when the validity is getting finished. Then you will get an SMS notification. However, you can call Etisalat to cancel the plan, this way the package won’t be renewed automatically. If you need a one-time data package, have a look at the following details.

30GB Local Data and Gaming

New offer from Etisalat especially for gaming users. Gamers can get more data for the best price ever. Activate the 30GB package using the Etisalat App, and enjoy 1GB of data every day for 30 days for SAR 42.85 only.

Etisalat Internet Packages with Social Data

PackageSocial DataPriceValiditySubscription code
250MB No AED 10.00 1 day SMS "D250M" to 1010
25GB 15GB Social data AED 500.00 30 days SMS "25G" to 1010
20GB 10GB Social Data AED 450.00 30 days SMS "20G" to 1010
10GB 5GB Social Data AED 300.00 30 days SMS "10G" to 1010
7GB 4GB Social Data AED 250.00 30 days SMS "7G" to 1010
3GB 2GB Social Data AED 150.00 30 days SMS "3G" to 1010
1GB 1GB Social Data AED 100.00 30 days SMS "1G" to 1010
1GB Weekly No AED 50.00 7 days SMS "W1G" to 1010
250MB 250MB Social Data AED 30.00 30 days SMS "250M" to 1010
300MB Weekly No AED 20.00 7 days SMS "W300M" to 1010
5GB 3GB Social Data AED 200.00 30 days SMS "5G" to 1010
100MB No AED 5.00 1 day SMS "SD" to 1010
So you can choose one package from the 12 different packages. The best thing about these packs is, that you will get internet data and social data side by side. Even for daily, weekly, and monthly usage. Also, these plans are pretty affordable. As you can see the activation code, you don’t need a deactivation code for the above plans. Because these are all one-time packs without auto-renewal. In short, any of the packs will be deactivated automatically once the validity is over.

Etisalat Unlimted Social Data Monthly

PackagePriceValidityActivation code
Unlimited Social Data Monthly AED 49.00 1 Month *170#

Access unlimited social media apps with no fair usage for the whole month Because Etisalat gives an amazing social data package with unlimited WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and LinkedIn without any data limitations. The price is only AED 49.00 per month and to subscribe dial code *107# or send SMS SP to 1010. Moreover, you can cancel it by sending an SMS “C SP to 1012”.

Monthly Combo Packages with Data and Minutes

PackageLocal & International MinutesPriceValidity
2GB data 140 flexi minutes AED 100.00 1 Month
500MB data 25 flexi minutes AED 35.00 28 days
1GB data 50 flexi minutes AED 55.00 28 days
3GB data 150 flexi minutes AED 110.00 28 days
6GB data 200 flexi minutes AED 165.00 28 days
10GB data 250 flexi minutes AED 220.00 28 days

These are the best all-in-one Etisalat combo packages with internet data and Flexi minutes that can be used for local and international calls. All these combo data and Flexi minutes packs are valid for 1 month and 28 days only.

However, there is one package for Phillippines users in the UAE (Etisalat Pinoy Pack). Phillippines can get 1GB of data 20 local minutes and 20 international minutes and 250 Flexi minutes for AED 20 for 1 month. To subscribe to the Pinoy Etisalat pack use the official My Etisalat UAE app. You can call Etisalat customer care support for further information and instant help. Alternatively, comment below if you need more information.

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