How to Update Fingerprint in Jawazat

You will face many problems when your fingerprint is not working in an Absher machine, a bank ATM machine, or at the airport. You can not even get a sim card. That is why it is important to update your fingerprint at Jawazat to avoid such issues in the Kingdom. In this article, I will show you a step-by-step guide for updating fingerprints in any nearest Jawazat office. So, let’s get started…

Summary: Book an appointment at Jawazat via Absher. Visit Jawazat. Get a filled form from agents over there. Enter the Jawazat office to enroll fingerprints.

How to Update Fingerprint in Jawazat

There is nothing to worry about, you can go ahead and visit the nearest Jawazat office in order to update your fingerprint. Before you do so, make sure to book a Jawazat appointment via the Absher. Then follow the other steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Book a Jawazat Appointment

Visit and log in to your account. Click More under the Appointments tab. Select Passports, then click the Proceed to Service button. On the next page select location, available date, and time. Then Confirm the Appointment. Take a screenshot of the Appointment ticket.

Book a Jawazat Appointment
Book a Jawazat Appointment

Step 2: Visit Jawazat on the Scheduled date

Now take that appointment screenshot with you and visit the select Jawazat office on the scheduled date and time with the dependent. Make sure to get there on time. Otherwise, the appointment will be canceled.

Step 3: Fill out the form

In front of Jawazat, you will find many agents sitting over there. Ask them to provide the required form (filled by them) for updating the fingerprint. The fee for that form is SAR 10.00 only. They will give a filled form.

Step 4: Enroll fingerprints at Jawazat

Now take the filled form for updating your fingerprint with you and enter the Jawazat office. Humbly ask the Jawazat officer for fingerprint enrollment and provide him with the required documents (appointment screenshot, etc). The Jawazat officer will take your fingerprints. You can then check your fingerprint enrollment status online, once done, you are good to go.

Age Limit for Fingerprint in Saudi Arabia

Every Iqama holder with the age of over six (6) years needs to register their fingerprints at Jawazat. However, Saudi citizen can register their fingerprint at the age of over 15 years. Even if a Saudi citizen is visiting out of the country need to register their fingerprints if they are over 6 years of age.

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