How to Register MOI Absher Account with Activation

Learn how you can register and activate the MOI Absher account online. This guide is about how to register on MOI Absher online also Absher account activation in KSA Saudi Arabia. Online Absher registration is easy and simple just follow the below steps in order to register on Absher MOI Online.

Absher Registration Request

  1. Click this link to get into the MOI Ministry of Interior Website. If you are an expatriate and don’t understand Arabic then click on English as shown in the below screenshot image.
  2. On MOI Website click on New User at the top right of the web page. If you are using mobile then tap on it.
  3. You will be redirected to the User Registration Page and Mandatory fields. The following are the requirements for the mandatory field.
    1. Identification Number which will be your Iqama Number.
    2. Your Personal Email Address (Should be a valid Email Address).
    3. Again confirm your Email Address (The Same as above).
    4. Select a language you understand the most Arabic or English.
    5. Put Mobile Phone Number (Should be your personal one and permanent number).
  4. Now Select I Confirm and check it.
  5. Finally, Click on OK, That’s it. You will be moved on to option 2 which is Request verification.
MOI Absher Registration Online

Remember to always put the legal current and valid information in all the mandatory fields. As per MOI law, this is illegal to put wrong information or other personal information. Information like your Iqama number, Phone number, and Email Address should be valid.

MOI Absher Request Verification

In all of the above steps, we have just requested registration. Now in the below steps, we will verify the information we have put previously. Let’s do this.

  1. You will receive a code after doing all of the above steps. Put that code you get a message on your phone number in the first mandatory field Activation Code.
  2. In the second mandatory field identification number put your iqama number.
  3. And Finally, Click on OK. We have successfully done the Registration Request and Request Verification.

Asbher account request verification

Now Create Absher Username and Password

Account creation is all about generating a username and a strong password. In the below mandatory field, you just need to put the username and password.

  1. In the first field User ID put any Username you like.
  2. Now in the second, the (box) field put the strong Password. The password should be difficult for others to guess.
  3. In the last field just reconfirm the password. That’s it Just put the OK, and then you will be proceeded to option 4 Account verification.

Create Absher Account

Absher Account Verification

This is the last and final step to finishing everything. After doing all the above you are redirected to the final step of account verification. To verify your Absher account and finalize the registration just hit the print button to print your Absher account details. And finally, visit the nearest MOI Jawazat office to confirm your online Absher account. That’s all you have successfully registered Absher account.

Print Absher account details

There are lots of benefits to having an MOI Absher activated in an account in Saudi Arabia. Some of them are given below.

Benefits of Absher Account

Getting SMS alerts on Iqama renewal, traffic violations, Iqama Expiry, other violations, etc. All your travel records, dependent information, employment, and company records. Funds against your passport deposit, iqama renewal, visa, and all available funds. You can complain about missing documents, and see all the related information. And many things more. Related to Absher: Absher MOI Official App Download Links APK/IPA.

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