MOI Clarifications on Traveling in Saudi Arabia

So here is another strict announcement by MOI’s spokesperson. The Ministry of Interior spokesperson announces clarification on traveling within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I will explain each and everything here that the spokesman clarified. So please stay here and read the news.

Social Gathering and Workplace Attendance

Due to the increasing number of infections in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The MOI has a struck announcement for each person living in the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They affirm to stop the social gathering in the public area and even in the homes. Because that is the main reason for the spread of the pandemic.

People need to stop getting in all read including their homes to help the government in stopping the pandemic. They call all cities to take as many precautions as they can because this is the only to stop the spread of coronavirus. So please stop social gatherings.

On the other side, they announce to stop workplace attendance in all the places including government agencies. However, the clarification to not include the Bus, taxi, and train activities until you see another notice from Jawazat.

Each person has advised the use of the official MOI Absher for almost all electronic services such as paying bills and Iqama renewal and related ones. Read also Saudi Stamped Work or Visit Visa Fee to Refunded to Expats.

Traveling Between Cities in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Interior is continuing to prevent the spread due to the traveling between the cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All exist and entry to the cities is strongly prohibited. This is not just for the once single city but for all the major ones, including Jeddah, Riyadh, Tabuk, Dammam, Tafi, Al Qatif, and related ones.

In short, they are stopping traveling from city to city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is for the good future of the Kingdom and to stop the spread of coronavirus pandemics. For you it is advised to stop visiting other cities, that is all we can for now.

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