How to Change Etisalat Router WiFi Password

Etisalat provides tons of services. Their internet speed is amazing. That is why people in the UAE buy Etisalat routers for their home/office use. But sometimes, you may wanna change your router’s wifi password. This may be due to security reasons, or just precautionary. But changing your password for the Etisalat router is important though.

So, I know you are here because you wanna know the steps to change or edit the security/wifi key for your router. Don’t worry I will show you the procedure with steps for better understanding. So now, let’s get started…

How To Change Etisalat WiFi Password

So, first of it is important that you must be connected with your Etisalat router/wifi network. Also, you must know the admin username and router login password in order to change it. After that, follow these steps to change your password:

Go to HTTP:// Then enter your router username and password and log in. The default username and password is “admin”. Click the “Advance” option on the left then wlan2. Now click Security then change your password in the box next Pre-shared key. Don’t forget to click the Apply Changes button.

That is it. This is exactly how to change your Etisalat router password. However, don’t forget to enter a strong passcode. The passcode must be long, and contain, a capital and a small number as well as some special character.

After you change your password successfully. The WiFi network will restart immediately and may a minute to two to be ready for connecting. Moreover, you will need to forget the current and reconnect to the network with your new password in order to connect to the internet.

If you face any problems while doing so. Then you can contact Etisalat and let them you desire a problem with your router and its password. They will definitely sort it out.
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