Etisalat Call Waiting Activation & Deactivation Code

If you are using a landline Etisalat number or mobile phone number. You can easily activate and deactivate their call waiting for services anytime free of cost. There are no charges upon activation or deactivation of the call waiting for services. Etisalat in UAE offers great packages, and call-waiting is one of them, free of charge.

In this article, I will show the activation code for it and how to enable it on your mobile phone. So let’s get started…

Etisalat Call Waiting Activation Code

It is a free service by Etisalat in UAE, once you enable it and if you are on a phone call. The other person will know that he is on the waiting list and sooner or later you are going to pick up his call. Anyways, to activate call waiting services, dial *43# and press the call button. This is the activation USSD code. Thus you will receive a confirmation message from Etisalat, that you have successfully activated their call waiting for services.

Deactivate Etisalat Call Waiting

Whenever you want, you can go ahead dial *43#, and then press the call button. This is the USSD code for deactivation of the call waiting for service too. Moreover, there is no hidden charges or fee for subscription and unsubscription of the service. It’s completely free. Thus the choice is totally yours.

For your information, as I mentioned there is no hidden fee. For your satisfaction, you can go ahead and check your remaining balance whenever you want.

Fix Etisalat Call Waiting Not Working

Once you dial *43# and activate the call waiting for service. It may happen that the service may not work properly. The only thing you can try is to activate and deactivate the services and restart your phone. However, you may wanna call Etisalat’s customer care number and ask them for help.

They will show the desired procedure for your specific device to fix when the call waiting service is not working. Moreover, as far as I know, it is not an issue at your end. They may restart the service for your number and may start working properly.

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