How to Get Zain Advance Balance 10 SAR?

If you are getting low on balance it’s not a problem anymore. Because Zain credit service can give SR 10 as an advance loan. So all prepaid users who have Zain sim cards are eligible to receive not SR. 5 but SR. 10 up to a max of SAR 75 loan. In this guide, I am going to show you the advance code to borrow credit balance.

More people in KSA are joining Zain because of the advanced facilities, cheap internet packages, and more. However, You can get Zain mobile credit in advance from SAR 1 to SAR 20, so let’s get it.

How to get Zain loan balance 10 Riyal?

Update: Now get max Zain Advance credit from 10 up to 75 SAR by dialing this code *900*1#. Alternatively, write a message “1” and send it to 700900.

You must have a low balance in order to receive the loan amount on Zain SIM. You can get SAR 1 up to SAR 75. But your account amount should be less than SR 1. Then you will be eligible for the loan.

  1. Compose a text message type “1” and send it to 700500.
  2. The process will begin, and you will get a notification.
  3. Once everything is successful, you will get a confirmation text message e.g “Congrats, your mobile balance is SR 10” from the Zain network.
  4. Now you can check your account balance, there should be SR 10 credit.

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Charges on Zain Advance balance

There is a fee charge of 20% every time you get the loan balance from Zain. This payment will be deducted once you recharge your Zain prepaid line. It’s a service charge by the Zain Telecommunication network in KSA.

Anywhere in Saudi Arabia, it could happen that you are getting low on your Zain mobile balance. There also could be an emergency to call someone or SMS someone on the go. And because of the low mobile balance, you will not be able to do it. In that difficult time, the only thing that can help you is Zain’s advance of SR 10. You can pay it later on when you recharge your Zain prepaid line with SR. 50 or lower no problem. So paying those low charges do not matter.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only prepaid users can apply for the loan on their Zain line.
  • Postpaid and visitors are not allowed to get the loan service.
  • Even if you have SR 1 in your main account, you cannot avail of this service. But you can when your account amount is less than SR 1.
  • You can use the loan credit balance for local and international SMS and calls. also for daily, weekly, or monthly package activations, & you can transfer it to your home country.
  • A 20% fee will be deducted on recharge as a service charge.

In case of any failure, all you need is to try back after 2 or 3 minutes. If the same thing happens again, just call 959 and talk to Zain customer care support. Tell them what’s going on with you and they will fix your issue. Moreover, they can also issue your advance loan.

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