How to Get Zain Advance Internet 1GB

As you know that the Zain Credit Service helps when you are low on mobile balance. However, this time the same services give internet data up to a max of 1GB in advance as a loan. So that you can use the data in emergency cases, and pay the loan amount later with a recharge.

For your information, the maximum allowed advance is 1GB. However, once you send the request for advance internet, you may get 100MB, 200MB to 1000MB depending on the use of your Zain line. If you are using a voice sim card, you will get a voice + data package. Now let me show you the procedure to get the internet data loan.

How to Get Zain Advance Internet 1GB

To get Zain max data bundles of up to 1GB in advance, write “D” in a message and send it to 700900. However, to get max available voice+data bundle, write “Mix” in a message and send it to 700900.

Alternatively, you can dial *900# to explore any of the available Zain advance balance or internet services. Moreover, there is no other USSD code at the moment for the same operation.

Once the advance internet package or voice+data pack is activated, Zain will deduct the amount of the package on your next recharge.

If for some reason, you face an issue while getting the emergency internet loan. Check that your Zain mobile balance is less than SAR 1.00. Also, confirm that you don’t have any remaining internet package before you send the activation code for the advance internet.

Also, keep in mind that you have been using your Zain sim card for more than 3 months. Because, as a new Zain customer you may experience the not eligible issue while you apply for the internet loan package. Even as an Old customer, if you don’t recharge your line more often, then you may face errors when you send the loan request.

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